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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Continuation Day Thay!!

James: Thanks to Natasha for reminding us of Thich Nhat Hanh's birthday (or continuation day as he reminds us). He is 80 years old today!! He is quite the patriarch but then again he is also a lovely, innocent child. He is all beings yet none at the same time as are we all.

He is as a lotus in full bloom. Shining with the radiance of pure, peaceful, mindful Oneness. His Buddha-nature has brought so much to so many people.

I thank him deeply for bringing the Dharma torch to a new generation and for passing a part of that fire to me so that it lit a fire in my heart. He set me on my path and continues to hold my hand as I move along it. Offering words of comfort and guidance as I stumble. May he feel all of our gratitude on this great day that we celebrate his presence.

In closing I would like to quote Thay (pronounced tie) on celebrating one's "continuation day:"

On your birthday, it is advisable that you don't sing, 'Happy Birthday,' but instead you sing, "Happy Continuation Day." You have been here, you don't know since when. You have never been born and you are not going to die, because to die means from someone you suddenly became no one. From something, you suddenly became nothing. Nothing is like that. Even when you burn a piece of cloth, it will not become nothing. It will become the heat that penetrates into the cosmos. It will become smoke that rises into the sky to become part of a cloud. it will become some ash that falls to the ground that may manifest tomorrow as a leaf, a blade of grass, or a flower. So there is only continuation. (From his book, "Going Home")

James: As Thay says, we are the continuation of the Buddha.

~Peace to all beings~

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Natasha said...

Thanks James - I'm smiling happily with you. What a beautiful photo.

The sun's just setting here in France - a deep blue after the huge thunderstorm. I'm thinking of the Plum Sangha and their celebrations, and that makes me smile too.

During the Summer retreat this year he spoke a little about turning 80 and what it would mean for him... He had just begun to receive gifts from Canada already! There's an excerpt here:

Peace to you all, and smiles.

Happy continuations


Dharmasattva said...

Hi James, I'm back from the void.

Happy birthday, Thay! (I love Thich Nhat Hanh - he's my favorite teacher.)

"James" said...


Smiling back to you. :) Big grins on my face today that I wish to share with everyone.

What a gift idea from Thay. He has such beautiful, thoughtful, peaceful energy that comes through just even through his books, pictures, poems and talks that I download, etc. I've had the great blessing to have seen him give a public talk in person twice and both times I felt soooo relaxed, centered and peaceful.

My dedication everyday is to share as much of his love, peace and teachings that I can to all beings.


Welcome back!!!!!!!

isaiah said...

"So there is only continuation."

The most uplifting, positive sentence I know.

Shine on James-

"James" said...


Yes, it's short but so uplifting, powerful and insightful. There is a great lesson in this sentence. Great peace and hope.

Thank-you friend.

dragonflyfilly said...


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