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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hearing the Ocean in my Dish Washer.

I sat down to meditate
this afternoon and
was immediately distracted
by the dish washer
roaring in the background.

I breathed deeply,
however, and soon I was letting myself
be in the moment.

Settling into mindfulness
I was able to think about
the dish washer and what it was doing
and not just the noise it was making.

Then I focused on the interconnectivity
of all things and my concentration floated
back to the dish washer--
this time with new ears and awareness.

I had the realization that without the noise
I would not have clean dishes!!
I smiled and thanked the dish washer
(and the noise) in helping me live an easier life.

My mental formation was, "What a great invention" rather then, "That machine is so noisey. I hate the dish washer."

What a difference mindfulness brings to ones state of mind.

A few deep breaths later I began to hear something beautiful
in the noise. It sounded just like the waves of an ocean
crashing onto a rocky beach!! I settled into that image
and soon my breath was in sink with the in's and out's of the waves.

It was so nice to meditate along a beach this afternoon.

~Peace to all beings~

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Angela Ferreira said...

I would love to have a dish washer... don't have space for one unfortunatly...but oh well I have a husband, thank you husband for doing the dishes hahaha :-)

"James" said...


I would give you a dish washer if I could. :)

dragonflyfilly said...

on a somewhat syncronistic note ---this morning i was sitting up in bed with a cup of coffee, thinking about the wild and wonderful dreams of the night, when the noise of the traffic interrupted my thoughts, and i thought "darn those noisy cars", then i remembered the first few nights in Maui, when the crashing of the incoming tide was so loud i could not get to sleep; and i remembered also the swish, sheesh, shlep of the water, (waves without energy)as it subsided back into the ocean. Once i got used to the sound it would lull me to sleep after a busy day of sand castle building. So i reminded myself that the noise of the traffic was no different from the Maui tide, and started to hear the traffice as incoming and outgoing tide, and soon i was back into the dreamland of my thoughts!

then i came to visit your blog, and read your is so funny how often you and i think along the same lines....i love it...

Hi, Angela,
i will trade you my dishwasher for your husband!...hah hah!

nameste, etc, (and may all being be happy!)

"James" said...


Wow, yeah it's crazy how in synch we are to each other. Pretty cool.

staterka said...

Thank you for sharing. Your post was enlightening.

"James" said...


You're quite welcome. I'm glad that my words connected with you. :)


jdat747 said...

just don't try to use laundry soap:


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