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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Internet or Meditation? Meditation.

Got up this morning and once again gave into my habit energy to check my email before meditating but ran into a problem. My connection was down and I couldn't fix it. I tried all the usual fixes but still nothing. I was getting frustrated. Then it dawned on me. MEDITATE YOU FOOL!!! It was an "ah hah" moment. So instead of getting more and more rapped up in foolishly trying to change the impermance of computer connections and getting more and more upset and thus loosing my peacefulness--I plopped down on the cushion.

It was as if Avalokiteshvara was gently reminding me that the only answer to this (or any) "problem" was to sit, meditate and relax. Give yourself some time to calm down and settle back into the moment. True awareness of the world realizes a life that is always peaceful whether I am having connection problems or whatever. Peace is available always if we relax enough to let go of our miopic vision and see that peace through the shifting clouds. Easier said then done but well worth it.

OH!! And I had my own bird moment while meditating!! I rather enjoyed as it reminded me of the silly nature of life. I laughed as the bird called out his unique call. He/she was talking to me and telling me jokes. How could I not laugh?!! ;)

And the internet connection? It was up and strong after I was done with my meditation. I am learning a greater patience with each moment. I am so very grateful for the path of the Dharma that the Buddha laid out and the endless compassion of Avalokiteshvara.

~Peace to all beings~

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Dave said...

Thank you for sharing your morning's experience with us. There are times when we all connection problems. Not the connection to the internet or any other net, but to our own internal net. We tend to overlook looking within and then when do, we find the peace and we realize that we are always connnected to the now and the now always demonstrates the way to quiet and peace. Thank you for your words they have helped me sit and be one with all.


ACB said...


derek said...


i have the same problem, all i can think about is checking my email in the morning, but i figure if i meditate first i might find a surprise in my inbox, a nice letter or something, ya know : )


"James" said...


So true. I'm glad my words brought you peace. Peace be with you always friend.




I understand. Sometimes I do get good things in the email box. Especially daily dharma emails/teachings.

Tim said...

A recent function gave forth a door prize. The words, "you must be present to win" came to mind when reading this post.
What may be may be...but presense of mind makes for peace of mind in any circumstance.

"James" said...


"You must be present to win." Yep, yep. Exactly. Being present in any situation allows us to realize that we have already won.

dragonflyfilly said...


kool post, ....sometimes the universe forces us to do what we don't want to do but deep down inside us we know we must....thanks!

"James" said...


Yes, our ego doesn't want us to do anything that takes the attention off of it and reduces its fluence and power.

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