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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Make Mine Red.

Bono and others are launching a campaign to help HIV/AIDS victims in Africa called (Red). (Click the link of go to There is also a blog: (Blog) Red

Here's the gist of the campaign:
A number of companies have teamed together to donate a portion of the sales of their "red products" to The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and elsewhere. There are red credit cards, red shoes (I am going to buy a pair of the Converse Red shoes), red fashion brands, red phones, etc. And as the website says:

No, this does not mean they are all red in color. Although some are.

Go to the website join red to read more about the campaign and products.

As some of you know I lived in Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa (Cote D'Ivoire is the official name. It's French or Ivory Coast in English) for 2 plus years and have a deep connection and bond to the African people. They are a proud and beautiful people who need our help. I saw first hand the terrible effects of HIV/AIDS there.

6,500 Africans die EACH DAY from AIDS!!!!!!!

Please consider buying one (or more) of these (RED) products to help fight the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Thanks for reading this and if you feel you can not afford to buy any of these products please pass this information on to someone you feel might be interested.


(PHOTO): Beautiful kids in Ghana, West Africa.

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Tim said...

The Lady told me about this. She wants to be a strong supporter. I think that it's a great idea.

iamnasra said...

So its nice to join in this effort of helping in in eradication and spread awarenes on Aids

Don of conscious-living was highlighted in LIP (
hope u can share ur thoughts on Don

"James" said...


Great!! Yeah there are a lot of great things going on right now with helping the world with AIDS, global warming, poverty, etc. With the Clinton Global Initiative, etc.


Exactly. Together as a people there is nothing that we can't accomplish.

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