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Friday, November 03, 2006

Introducing: Plumline Online Sangha!!

Wow, it's been a week since I posted?!! Sorry about that dear friends.

Now, on with the show!!

Introducing, Plumline. Plumline is a new online Sangha in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Plumline was started for those of us who are disabled or otherwise unable to attend a traditional Sangha. This is such a wonderful gift from modern technology to those of us who would otherwise not have any contact with other Buddhists. I thank those who have made this possible. What a blessing!!!

Buddhism is such a wonderful path as it is able to adapt to the times and changes of the evolution of life and society. It is after all all about dealing with change with grace and peace.

~Peace to all beings!!~

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Brittany Hogan said...

Thanks for the great link!

Tim said...

James....Thanks....Oh, and e mail me. I don'y have yours. I'd like to talk.

M.D. Shellhammer said...

Thanks James, this actually brings up a subject I have been thinking about for a long time, since many of us really have no face to face sangha.

Tim, have you tried the email addy James posted at the end of his "about me" column?


kimberly said...

oh, I have been waiting for this for a long time! no sanghas near me, and I have always wondered in this world of technology why it took until now to start an online one!

garnet david said...

I joined. Thanks for shareing that. I will post it on my site as well.


"James" said...


ME TOO!!! It's very exciting!!!!


You're quite welcome and thanks for spreading the word. :)

"James" said...


You're quite welcome.


I emailed you. :)


Yw. Yeah, me too. It's great to see Buddhism embracing tech stuff.

trinitystar said...

Wonderful idea ... brings it straight into the home ... home being your heart.
Hope that you are keeping well James.
Big hugs. :o)
Make a wonderful day!

james said...


Yes, it is a great thing to have the sangha so easily accessible. Reaching as many people possible is a beautiful thing and one of the goals of Buddhism.

May your day go well as well. :)

I bow to the Buddha within you.

Trev Diesel said...

James -

I've made a huge boo-boo and (perhaps) deleted my old blog. It's a long story, don't ask. At any rate, I would appreciate all of my blogger friends to update their links and - if you want - even make short post on your site about the site change (for any readers that may come from your sites). I may eventually move back to IF I can get it working again. Until then, it will be:

Leon Basin said...

Very beautiful!
I signed up not long ago.

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