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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sitting Upon the Cushion

Sitting upon the cushion,
this body feels like a delicate bug,
softly resting upon a lotus flower.

Each breath is sweet nectar
And with these breathes,
Awareness comes into focus
like a sharpening telescope.

Sharpening in on the bright, twinkling stars
waving back from the furthest corners,
of the Universe.

This sharpened awareness is crisp,
crisp and clear,
as a cobalt blue, Colorado sky
in November.

My wife's pitter-patter typing
on the keyboard is one.
One with the pitter-patter
of the rain outside.

Soon I find my breath,
in sync with the typing
and the rain.

All in the One unfolds
and yet again,
peace and harmony
is revealed.

All is revealed in time,
as even time is an illusion,
that can be decoded.

And soon only silence

Breathing with the silence,
a bell rings gently off in the distance.

And the bug separates.
Separates from the lotus cushion.

PHOTO: This is a picture that I took of our Avalokiteshvara statue.

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M.D. Shellhammer said...

Beautiful poem James, and the statue, what gives it that wonderful blue glow? I have heard that Quan Yin is the female counterpart of Avolokitesvara, so I bought a statue for my wifes altar. She reminds me of a Bodisattva and Quan yin fits her perfectly.



"James" said...


I thank-you kindly. I'm not sure about that statue. I saw it in the little Nepal-Tibet imports store sitting under a little light. The light made it kind of glow this beautiful blue purple color. I'd been shopping for an Avalokiteshvara statue for some time and this one really caught my eye. :)

Indeed Quan Yin is the female version of Avalokiteshvara. That is so sweet what you said about your wife. I would be honored to meet her

trinitystar said...

thank you for sharing these words
of your entry into stillness and silence. :o)

"James" said...


You're more then welcome. :)

Tim said...

I have a few photos of some of the statues that I have accumulated over time. They are facinating to look at. If interested, I'll e- mail or blog them.
James, glad to have you as a blog friend!

Sunyata said...

She is lovely no wonder she caught your attention. Her flowing folds, draping malas, jeweled 3rd eye not to mention her large hands...she graces your home and your hearts, I'm sure.
Thank you for sharing this hued beauty.

Blessings to you,

"James" said...


I am interested in seeing those pictures of your statues. :)


Yes, she catches my eye everyday and this little statue exudes such great calm and peace. I am so grateful for Avalokiteshvara's vow.

dragonflyfilly said...

hmmm, the statue is beautiful, as is the poem.

i was feeling sorry for myself because i was unable to go to the Rolling Stones concert...and had been unable to shake my i tried grounding myself then counting to 90...and it kind of worked, so i decided to check out your blog, which always seems to fill me with peace.

thanks james,
Aum Namah Sivaya
(sorry i can't do the accents for the h, S and a).

"James" said...


I'm honored and thankful that my humble blog helped bring you peace. :)

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