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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Colorado Holiday Blizzard of 2006

Pictures of the big holiday blizzard from here in Colorado from yesterday and today. It's stopped snowing but it's still rather cold with the wind chill and all.

Snow drifted up on our neighbor's van and truck. You can see the blizzard effect coming off the room of his house really well in this picture.

3 foot snow drift on our porch right out our front door.

Cornice hanging off our roof.

Massive cornice hanging off the roof and snow drifting up to his front window.

View of drive-way from the sidewalk.

Digging out the drive-way.

Car snowed in on our street.

Tractor digging out a main road intersecting with our street.

Bushes piled up with snow in front of our neighbor's place. They look like Himalayan peaks.

Me shoveling out from our porch. I always look like a gangster in pictures for some reason.

Snow piled up along the side of our drive-way against the mini-fence.

Lori shoveling the drive-way.

Snow piled up on our juniper hedge.

Finch sitting on the snowy juniper hedge off our front porch.

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Sunyata said...

Yo James the Gangsta


Great pics, makes me wish Michigan would receive some of the white stuff too.
But do be careful with all the shoveling.
Isn't the air wonderful and snow has a silence all it's you hear it?

Blessings and dare I say
Happy Winter!

awouldbehipster said...

hey, i just found your blog. Great post. I love the picture at the end.

M.D. Shellhammer said...

Looks like you got it even worse than we did down here in the Springs James. I shoveled out the front driveway for my wife's car, then the back for my daughter.
I'm pooped! :)

Tim said...

Thanks for the pix....No snow here! Imagine!
As for the shoveling...better you than me, brother!

Dharmasattva said...

James, I have been watching the news and thinking about all the blizzards I endured when I lived in Colorado.

I always liked the snowstorms, especially at night, when the sky was rosy and everything was still and quiet.

I hope you found the time (amid all the shoveling) to enjoy the peace a snowstorm brings.


"James" said...


Thanks!! I like your blog too.


I'll certainly remember this storm for a long time. Stay warm!!


Ha!! Yeah, we don't get much snow anymore here (nothing like when I was a kid) so it was nice to get a good blizzard.


Ah yes...I love the silence in the winter storms. As well as the bright pink skies at night. Beautiful.

"James" said...


I do hear and FEEL the silence and it is so peaceful. I do have some sore muscles from shoveling but I don't feel too bad.

trinitystar said...

Thats what I call being snowed in.
Here in Lancashire, England not an ounce of snow ... not a flutter of angel dust.
Keep warm ... God bless.
Great photographs thanks for sharing.

mangadezi-jr said...

Send some of that our way-- my kids can't wait to go skiing and snowboarding-- we even have a couple of "snow skates" we're waiting to try out--

"James" said...


Angel dust...I like that. :) Thanks for the compliment on the photos and you're welcome.


I'd love to send some your way. We have plenty here to share. :)

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