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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've Missed Meditating

I've missed several days of meditating lately and I've noticed the difference. I've felt more disjointed and anxious then when I meditate daily. I got back to meditating yesterday and today and I'm back on track but it was interesting to notice the change.

My practice for me is like medicine in several ways: 1). It it s medicine that helps me balance out my ego and 2). it is a literal medicine that helps me stay stable (in combo with my meds) in regards to my schizo-affective disorder.

I do think though that it is o.k. (and necessary) to take a break now and then from meditating but what's important is to not let that break go on for too long. And there are many ways of meditating. One does not have to practice formal, sitting meditation all the time to get the benefits of meditation. I like to quite literally meditate all day long doing the seemingly insignificant activities but with mindfulness!! :)

I don't feel that I am attached to the practice. Rather it's more of an understanding of it's importance as a tool. It's like going without a spoon to eat with. I could eat with my hands but I'd I rather eat with a utensil. It's easier, less messy. I could try to just drink all day long but I'd rather meditate. Less of a headache and I've never thrown up from meditating. :)~

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~Peace to all beings~

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trinitystar said...

I suppose you can say Jim that
7 days without going within makes one weak!
I like coming here there is stillness within your posts.
May I wish you and your family a Happy and peaceful Christmas filled with joy and love.
hugs trinity

Kuan Gung said...

Staying in the balance, I couldn't live without meditating, it is my return home each time I do. The mind needs its reastful awakeness to explore and let go. Thank you

Angela said...

Merry Christmas James have a great seoson sweetie!

"James" said...


I like that saying. Thank-you for the compliment. I enjoy inter-being with you all and all things. :)

Kuan Gung:

I agree. Return home is a beautiful, relieving way to say it. You're welcome.


Thank-you friend...seasons greetings and best wishes to you as well.

CJ said...

Hi James,

I found it interesting reading your experiences of meditation. It is something I could relate to when I was back in the daily pattern of meditation. But I don't any more (other than sporadically) and I'm wondering what the point is or what the benefits are. I've just written about this on my blog and I'd be interested to hear your comments.


"James" said...


Sorry for the late response. I've been slacking on my blogging duties!!

Meditation has two benefits for me:

1). It helps me feel grounded in the present moment and not feel overwhelmed with my emotions. It's amazing how much just focusing on one's breathing can bring such profound peace.

2). It helps me feel more stable in regards to my mental health issues.

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