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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Snowflake and Plant Inter-being

It's snowing as I type out these strange symbols known to us as letters, words and language.

Big, soft, fluffy, lazy flakes fall without worry where they land or which direction they go.

Look at that picture of that beautifully balanced snowflake. The design of a snowflake is like a natural yin and yang symbol. And what stunning colors!!!

Within each snow flake I see water droplets from every body of water in the world.

As I look at my mini-tropical jungle of plants cradling around me in my front room one would think that the warm plants and cold snow have nothing in common. However such is not the case. I can see plants in the water droplets of snow. Plants emit oxygen that is essential for the creation of snow. Then, on the other hand snow/water feeds the plants.

Ah, inter-being (sigh).

Oh and the birds are taking advantage of the ample food supply and shelter of our huge hedge. They look so cute with their feathers fluffed out.

~Peace to all beings~

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Avusa said...

Simple things may be so beautiful.

Sometimes i come and see your blog. I like it very much.
I have my own, but it's written in portuguese so you may have some difficultties to read it. Anyway i talk about buddism and life.
Continue with your path.

Much Metta

"James" said...


Yes indeed. The simple things often get too overlooked to our loss.

I'm glad you like the blog. I wish I spoke Portuguese but I do speak French!! Hehe....

Thank-you for your encouragement in my practice. The same to you. :)

Gregor said...

Thank you for reminding me about interbeing. Is is not wonderful to find the profound at the heart of the simple.

May you be happy

alison koh said...

beautiful! i remember stopping in front of a trafic light all grumpy and all of a sudden notice the little pink flowers below... it was wow! so pretty! lifted my heart and all the stress just melted away. :)

"James" said...


The simple is astoundingly beautiful. There is so much peace in inter-being.


Beautiful!! A glimpse of Enlightenment via pink flowers. :)

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