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Monday, January 01, 2007

Denver Bronco Football Player Darrent Williams Shot and Killed at 24

DENVER - Less than 24 hours after playing in the last game of the season, the Denver Broncos say 24-year-old Darrent Williams was killed.

According to Denver Police, Williams was killed in an early morning shooting after someone with a gun pulled up alongside the white Hummer stretch limousine he and wide receiver Javon Walker were riding in and fired multiple shots.

Three people were shot and police say the limo was sprayed with bullets. At the scene, 9NEWS could see what appeared to be ten bullet holes in the limo.

Authorities say they believe the shooting was a drive-by, and that the shooter or shooters did not know who was in the vehicle. Police say the shots were fired with a semi-automatic weapon.

: Murder is the ultimate act of selfishness, pride and fear. My feelings echo Coach Shanahan's when he stated, I am speachless with sadness. Darrent Williams was a fan (and personal) favorite who had a happy, infectious smile and twinkling eyes. He played with passion for the game and yet was a gentleman on and off the field. I pray to Avalokiteshvara that compassion will be the constant companion to the Williams family as they grieve. Colorado and the city of Denver love their Broncos and see the players as extended family. Our collective hearts ache, cry and hurt over this senseless act of violence.

Killing a fellow sentient being only takes a moment but the repercussions last for lifetimes. These killers will pay dearly for their horrific actions and it will be their own actions that will demand and ultimately receive that justice. We can not avoid our actions any more then we can avoid our shadows. The pain and suffering that the family, friends and fans are feeling right now is nothing compared to the pain, suffering and misery that the murderers will experience for who knows how many lifetimes. My heart aches for the killers too for they have wasted many lives and lifetimes.

Nobody wins when violence erupts and the ripples of such wasteful actions touch many in our interconnected reality. And in a way we all have a responsibility for this killing since it is our collective consciousness that allows the seeds of violence in society to ripen and take their deadly toll.

May we all be more mindful of our actions that we might not water the seeds of anger and violence in ourselves, others and in our greater world. May we also be more mindful of karma for we do not live or act in a vaccuum.

We will greatly miss your energy Darrent but we know that your larger then life energy will be reborn and hopefully as a Buddha.

PHOTO: I picked this photo to show William's lighter side. He wore this hairstyle for a few games that he named a "Frohawk."

~Peace to all beings~

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Dharmasattva said...

James, I totally agree. I have read elsewhere that it is likely that Williams or one of his companions got into "words" with someone at the nightclub they were at that night. As insane as it is, that is how most of these things start. A man was murdered in the parking lot of bar a few miles from my home because he accidentally bumped someone and splashed beer on them.

I would pray that all of us cultivate maitri (metta) within ourselves and radiate these feelings to those around us. Also, I would pray that we all pay better attention to our practice of Right Speech, which fosters better karma for everyone.


"James" said...


Yeah our world is so stressed, afraid and angry that any little thing can touch of terrible violence.

Yes may we cultivate more metta to help heal aching world. Right speech is where our actions begin so yes that is crucial for us to work on and practice.

Greenwoman said...

dhamasattva...well said and my prayers join yours in that wish.

James, it is indeed a sad thing to see such needless violence. I am sorry for all those who lost someone they felt they could look up to as well. Heros are a blessing to this troubled world.

ACB said...

I cried and cried when I read this. While I was visiting my parents in Boulder for Christmas, watching the game on the 24th, my dad pointed Williams out to me. "I'm really excited to watch this kid develop." He played a wonderful game that day, and his joy and good nature were evident. I, too, was excited about this rookie!

And now, just like that, he is gone.

I bet nobody in Denver cares anymore that the Broncos aren't in the playoffs...

Do you mind if I link to your tribute? You say everything I wanted to but couldn't.

Dave said...

In our world there is no logic for brutality and events that cause harm and pain.
It may take episodes like this to eventually turns us towards a more gentler way to deal with life. I am saddened by this inhuman act and pray that at least one person out there will put the anger inside away and turn towards the security of love. Then Darrent will have become Buddha

"James" said...


I was really excited to see him develop as well. He played with such talent and conviction.

I for one could care less that Denver didn't make the playoffs. If we never made the playoffs again I'd be find as long as we had Darrent back.

The whole situation is just such a terrible waste.


This event certainly reminds us that life is short, unpredictable and fraught with danger. This murder reminds me even more to live in the present and to take refuge in the moment.

I join in your pray friend that we, as a society, will learn how to defuse our anger without harming others.

trinitystar said...

It is so tragic ... that life means so little to many ... Bucks mean more! A life wasted away.
Yet, there are lives being wasted daily in all walks of Life.
Very few care.
hugs for you. :o(

Tim said...

I am aware that there are more gang members involved within the game of basketball than within the game of Rap. Didn't he attened the club that night due to the birthday of an NBA player or the player's kid? If they are able to find an answer as to who killed him, I won't be amazed at all if it was NBA related

Brittany Hogan said...

James, what sweet and compassionate words. I and my sister (she's sitting next to me) are broken over this awful, senseless act.
The destruction and pain we humans are capable of is incredible... and so is the great capacity we have to love.
I hope and pray that the family and friends of Williams will experience the deep deep richness of love through this difficult time.

"James" said...


It is amazing isn't it that humans are capable of such extremes?? I know that our prayers and well wishes are gratefully welcome to the family.

It's such a great loss. It just goes to show how precious life really is and thus the importance to stay in the moment and enjoy every second of our time here.

"James" said...


Yep, so many dying needlessly all in the name of money and power.


Yeah there is a lot of talk about gang involvement and that Darrent was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's all so so sad.

Diana said...

All of us are devastated by this tragedy. To lose a young player, and more important, a great young man such as Darrent Williams, is incomprehensible. To lose him in such a senseless manner as this is beyond words. My deepest feelings, all my thoughts and prayers, go out to Darrent’s mother and family.
Such a wild killing.. to be shot in own Hummer limo.. I have no words..
Darrent was a wonderful young man, and his passing is a great loss for his family, the Broncos and the city.

They call him James Ure said...


I still think of him often.

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