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Monday, February 26, 2007

Favorite Incense

Just curious. What is your favorite incense?

Mine is Aloeswood (and the Morning Star brand pictured above is my favorite source of all my incense but especially Aloeswood. Other, more pure Aloeswood incense is on the market but be aware that it will cost you a lot of money). Although, the Nag Champa I purchase is from a different company. Anyway, Aloeswood reminds me of my time in Africa. This incense has complex scents to it but one or more of them bring back wonderful memories of wood being burned to fuel fires used to cook food upon. I also like it because it has a deep woodsy scent that is earthy and soothing. It lends itself well to deep relaxation, grounding and balancing during meditation.

Here are my top 5:

1). Aloeswood
2). Nag Champa
3). Sandalwood
4). Lavender
5). Sweet Grass

(Honorable mentions: Patchouli, Sage and Jasmin)

~Peace to all beings~

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tom c said...

I don't like incense. I like fresh air. I don't know how incense ever got connected with meditation, but it seems like a mistake to me.

Anonymous said...

lavender is my favorite.

Dharmasattva said...

I like sandalwood best.

Patchouli reminds me too much of being in the dorms at CU Boulder (the scent of people trying to cover up cannabis).

Lavender is nice but too much irritates my eyes.

I have never found this, but if there was an incense that smelled of orange blossoms, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. There are still orange groves in parts of Florida, and it's a terrific, soul-opening smell.


trinitystar said...

Have to say pachouli is my favourite with sandlewood coming in next.
Something so beautiful about a Jostick burning ... meandering ... ghostly ... silent ... love the different shapes it can make.
Have a wonderful day James.
Hugs for you.

"James" said...

Tom C:

I like both. I don't know if it's a mistake or not to have incense involved in meditation. A lot of people (such as myself) find that incense helps ones meditation.

For me it helps me relax.


Lavender is such a soft, beautifully relaxing incense. I use not just when meditating. When I need to relax from a stressful day for example. It is said that lavender helps one sleep.


Have you looked online for an orange incense?? I bet you could find something. Perhaps though you have already looked online.

Trinity Star:

I love to watch the incense smoke as well. Itself is a meditation watching the shapes and direction it takes as you mention.

Renée said...

I like very much the smell of incense but there is only one that helps me breathing and feeling well (I feel if there would be some thoughts of a master in my room and I calm down..)It's the incense of Satya Sai Baba: Nag Champa!

Greenwoman said...

nag champa

I rarely deviate from those, but there is something that I'll choose before all others if I can get it. Some Buddhist groups roll their own incence and when they do, they put in their blessings which are released when it is burned. I can rarely find it...When I do, I use it for special prayer ceremonies so that it adds to my prayers.

awouldbehipster said...

I have never meditated with incense before. My sister used to burn it in her room in high school, though. The scent is too powerful and tends to give me a headache. I prefer candles.

If I were to try using incense, do you think it would be good to burn it by a cracked window to mellow it out?

Oh... and lavender is definitely my favorite scent. It makes me sleepy, though.

Rebecca said...

I typically burn incense in the evening to relax after a long day but I will try burning some tomorrow morning for my meditation. Thanks for the idea.

My favorite is Relaxence and I also like Nag Champa. I'll be keeping an eye out for the Aloeswood that James recommends too.

david said...

Hands down the best, you must try HEM's Red Rose incense, from India. You can get it at

"James" said...


Nag Champa is definitely a classic.

Green Woman:

That stuff rolled with blessings sounds lovely.


A cracked window might help. Give it a try perhaps and if it doesn't work then I say just stick to the candles. You might really like the Aloeswood. It's pretty mellow. :)


I think you'd like the Aloeswood. It's not too strong but invigorating as well.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be on the look out for it. I always like finding new incense.

Reiki 4 Life said...

i haven't burned incense since college days trying to mask other scents, however I do burn dried Sage leaves quite a bit, lavender is always a lovely smell...patchouli & sandlewood I like...

i also have used frankinscence oil in meditations.

oh, in the previous post the tat is beautiful but I cannot imagine the pain of all that ink.

Reiki 4 Life said...

ok, I posted my previous comment before reading the post that went along with the tattoo image. you know that has been an issue for me in the past...pain - fear of pain, avoidance of pain, dissociating from pain instead of surrendering to it & to the i guess i still need to work on that, huh?

sorry to ramble...just thinking outloud. i tend to do that alot.

it is beautiful & so glad the entire experience was as well for you.


Kuan Gung said...

Tibetan Meditation
Tara Healing

"James" said...


I like frankincense as well as sage.

As for the pain and the tattoo it really didn't hurt for me too much. And whenever getting tattoos DO hurt it's a great exercise in accepting pain and embracing it (as you mentioned) :)

"James" said...

Kuan Gung:

I'll have to look for those.

mangadezi-jr said...

Sandalwood and aloeswood are both nice-- funny that you mentioned sage--that and sweetgrass is what we burn at the house. The children have grown up around Native teachings, but the smell of sandalwood always takes me back to my own early childhood in Thailand...

"James" said...


Isn't it funny how the smallest thing like a smell can transport us to another time and place?

Kay said...

I know this is an old post (I'm having fun with my new feedreader today), but I had to chime in a vote for Nag Champa. :)

They call him James Ure said...


No worries on commenting on an old post. I appreciate all comments new and old. :) And yes, Nag Champa is wonderful. Thanks again for the comment.

Terri said...

Have any of you try charcoal base incense... This folks hand make them and they are awesome. Try them at

They call him James Ure said...


I haven't used them but I've always been curious. Perhaps I'll give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion and the link.

Anonymous said...

I'm a HEM guy. Ever hear of their Meditation incencse? It's a wonderful smell, but I don't think it's very meditative. It's more of a lively scent.

HEM Precious Chandan is a great all-purpose incense. Very cooling - sandalwood base, I believe. HEM Cedar too.

HEM Opium is incredibly relaxing.

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