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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Gift of Arms

I was walking out of the grocery store today with bags of food in my two arms and remembered how much we do with our arms and hands. I am so very grateful to have two working arms and hands.

Speaking of arms, below are the finished pictures of the dragon sleeve tattoo wrapped around the three jewels in Chinese characters. And below them are the updated Buddha tattoo pictures:

The Buddha tattoo shots below. It's about half way done.

~Peace to all beings~

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Jeff Wilson said...

Looking good! I especially like the butsu-ho-so (Buddha-Dharma-Sangha). Very, very cool.

trinitystar said...

What does the tatoo inscription say?
Quite colourful full vibrancy!
hugs for you

Mac said...

Very cool! Haven't seen that dragon tattoo yet, looks nice. Who did you get to design these?

alison said...

whoaa!!! coooool!!

Shawn™ said...

I'm about to get my quarter sleeve started! I can't wait.

Greenwoman said...

Very nice tats!!!

I like the buddha alot.

"James" said...


Thanks, yeah the butsu-ho-so is the center of the piece.


In Chinese it says: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. :)


My tattoo artist drew it up on my arm. He's pretty good.


Thanks!! I love to honor my body in putting beautiful art on it.


Oh man I'm excited for ya!! I love getting ink done. Especially stuff that means a lot.


Yeah it's one of the best tat's that I've had done (and it's not even finished!!).

trinitystar said...

Thank you for the translation of the tatoo. :o)

Thomas said...

Damn cool,man! I was about to take new 2nd tattoo but no idea for tattoo design till I saw your blog. Very beautiful tattoo!

"James" said...



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