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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quotes on Inter-Being

As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space, both fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars. Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space.

-Chandogya Upanishad

As a wave,
Seething and foaming,
Is only water

So all creation,
Streaming out of the Self,
Is only the Self.

Consider a piece of cloth.
It is only threads!

So all creation,
When you look closely,

Is only the Self.

-Ashtavakra Gita 2:4-5

More pictures:

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Avusa said...

it's incredible the power of a pure heart…


Johnny Newt said...

Stunning tulips James, and a lovely little alter. Many blessings on this day from one wave to another.

Greenwoman said...

Restful Reading...thank you.

awouldbehipster said...

The second passage that you quoted reminds me of something Alan Watts said in one of his books (I don't have my collection handy). He says that the bubbles and foam that the waters of the sea produce - while they may not adhere to a specific pattern - never make an aesthetic mistake! The same goes for the markings in jade, the grain in wood, and the fiber in muscle. Not only is every being a manifestation of the all - it is an intentional manifestation (the same way that my scalp intends to grow hair, even though my ego doesn't first decide to do so).

belle said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, James. All nature is beautifully interwoven - it always has been, and always will be.

Blessings to you and to all.

"James" said...


Yes, it is pure being.

Johnny Newt:

Thank-you. I love fresh flowers on the altar. They remind me of the beauty of the Earth as well as it's impermanence. Thank-you for the blessings and may they wash over you as well.


You're welcome. Yes, they are very restful and peaceful. They are wise words that remind us of our true nature. Like a breath of fresh air that renews our body and mind.


Well said. Thank-you for sharing that imagery. All is so beautiful!! There is nothing out of place or missing in the great Universal Self.


You're quite welcome. I really enjoy taking pictures and especially of flowers and plants.

May you be well.


Angela said...

Nice photos James!

alison said...

simply beautiful! both the quote and the tulips on your alter! looking forward to more photos :)

"James" said...




Thank-you, my altar is one of my favorite "things" in our house.

Steven Crisp said...

"Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space."

"So all creation,
When you look closely,
Is only the Self."

James, I had to comment. Please notice the photo selected for my 5 Feb blog entry. I just now noticed it. Rather uncanny, don't you think?

It would seem that on that day, we were each, together, one with the Self. At least that is my interpretation ;-)

"James" said...


What a wonderful testament to the interconnectivity of all things. It makes me happy to feel that connection with all things. May we continue to benefit and share the peace of interconnection with all beings.


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