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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good News

Well, it's official. L got a new job!!!! We are so excited and I am unbelievably proud of her and her dedication. I am humbly grateful. The pay is about the same but the insurance is awfully expensive. She's covered 100% but to cover me we'd have to pay a $400 a month premium so we're taking the medicare route for me to cover all the drugs I have to take.

L told me that now that she has a new job that she's going to buy me a pair of non-leather, cruelty-free, sweatshop free shoes!!! I'm so excited!!! And they look pretty cool. I'm buying them through my new favorite store, mooshoes.

Here is a picture:
The Buddha picture is of the world’s biggest outdoor Buddha at the top of a mountain on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. I wish I took this picture but I found it on Google images.

~Peace to all beings~

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Renée said...

I'm very happy for you! And: thank you for the address of mooshoes. Great!

"James" said...


Thanks!! You're welcome for the link. I hope that you find some products there that you like. :)

CJ said...

Awesome! Change is good, good change is better!

In my town we have a vegetarian shoe shop. Bit far for you, but thought you might fancy a look:

Greenwoman said...

Cool artsy shoes James! they're so you! I love the Buddha pic. I wish I could visit someday. Congrats for the both of you. I'm very happy for you. I hope she loves it!

Joe said...

The change is great, but I think buying a pair of used shoes is at least as good an idea. Cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly products are great, but if they're made for a personal profit, they still support an unskillful cultural habit and economic structure of consumption. That is to say, they still support capitalism, the number one tenet of which is profits/expansion. It would be interesting if the company that makes those shoes is not-for-profit, which means they might yield a technical profit, but that goes directly and wholly back to the company and not to someone else who "owns" the company.

You might, if you don't already, think of buying more of your stuff from the good-will and places like that, which not only support re-using perfectly good stuff, but help other people out in lots of ways.

"James" said...

Green Woman:

Yeah the are so me. Totally artsy, fartsy, stylish and unique. ;)

I wish that I could visit there someday too. And thanks for the congrats!! She's excited.


I like the idea of buying used shoes but I just don't like the idea of wearing any kind of leather on my feet. Used or new. If I found some canvas shoes at Good Will I would definitely pick those up. I do plan on donating my current Nike shoes to Good Will when the others arrive.

I do not think that capitalism on it's face is always bad. I believe in a balance between capitalism and socialism. The middle-path of politics so to speak.

david said...

Thanks for the link on the shoes. I became a vegan last fall, so now I know to go for footwear, plus I live near NYC.

Coincidentally, I have been to Lantau Island , and have many photos of that Buddha. I was there way back in 1984, and visited the monks ... and ate and amazing vegan lunch... I was just telling my wife about it last night.

congrats on your good news.

Mac said...

congrats! always love hearing good news. I should check out mooshoes the only "vegetarian shoe shop" I've shopped at thus far has been the place cj mentioned, peace to all!

"James" said...


Thanks David. That is so cool you've been to Lantau Island. I'm glad that I could provide that link for ya. I'm telling everyone about them. They deserve all the business they can get.


I'll for sure look up that site. Thanks for the link. Yeah change IS good. Love the teaching of impermanence.


That one you and CJ mention sounds like a good one. I'll be checking it out for sure. ;)

trinitystar said...

Gosh James,

The photograph of the largest Buddha is amazing. I would love to visit there ... I am in awe.
I am not sure who L is ... someone close to you I gather. Congrats!
hugs for you. :o)

Prashant said...

Hey, enjoy the run with ur shoes

smiles :)

james said...

Trinity Star:

L is Lori my wonderful wife. :)

Thanks for the support.


Thanks, I will. I'm sooo excited for them to arrive. I'm anxiously await the mail everyday. Hehe..

dragonflyfilly said...

my mom'a been there...

and i love the shoes, i should get me a pair, yes?

James Ure said...


I think you'd like the shoes, yes. :)

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