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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Missing the Moment

It is often the case that whatever we are doing, be it sitting, walking, standing, or lying, the mind is frequently disengaged from the immediate reality and is instead absorbed in compulsive conceptualization about the future or past. While we are walking, we think about arriving, and when we arrive, we think about leaving. When we are eating, we think about the dishes and as we do the dishes, we think about watching television. This is a weird way to run a mind. We are not connected with the present situation, but we are always thinking about something else. Too often we are consumed with anxiety and cravings, regrets about the past and anticipation for the future, completely missing the crisp simplicity of the moment.

--B. Alan Wallace, Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up

James: This is funny because as I was reading this quote I was also listening to the radio. Ha!! I often catch myself trying to do two things at once. Sometimes I find myself turning on the t.v. just to have some noise in the background. Silly monkey mind. The ego-self is like a drug addict. They seek the drug to feel good but that's not good enough because as soon as they're high they're already thinking about where they're going to get their next dose.

~Peace to all beings~

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PeterAtLarge said...

A nice quote. The whole notion of "multi-tasking" is abhorrent to me--and yet I catch myself doing it all the time! Blessings, PaL

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice quote and excellent reminder. Thanks.

Avusa said...

my last post is about bring the mind to present with help of our body


Rock dweller said...

Very true, we are always in a hurry to go nowhere. We never take time to smell the roses. roxy
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Mystic Wing said...

I heard an intersting definition of karma once, which suggested that the residual misery of our lives is present because we don't fully live each moment, and as a result scraps of our experiences follow us a long to confuse us and muddy our existence.

The solution proposed is to enter into each moment with complete, full abandonment, so it is fully consumed and the next moment can be born with absolute purity and cleanness.

It's an interesting idea that fits with well with other dharma principles.

CJ said...


My biggest monkey mind characteristic is surfing the internet while I work. I flick it on as soon as I have a momentary lapse in concentration - then it takes me a disproportionate amount of time to get back to where I was.

Now, if my job was to surf the internet would that make things easier, or would another distraction come in?

trinitystar said...

Stay in the moment ... absorbe the moment and into the next. Do not hold onto the past and do not think into the future ... allow each moment to unfold its mysteries to you.Living in the now opens your doors and broadens your horizons. The ego lives in the pas because of its fears.
hugs for you james. :o)

"James" said...


Yep, we go for the cheese in the trap every time. Ha!!


You're welcome. Yeah I thought it was a good quote too.


Great post and so true.

Rock Dweller:

Yep, always chasing the wind. I'll be over to check out your blog :)

Mystic Wing:

I love that definition!! Thanks for sharing that. I will be meditating up that a lot.


Yeah, I love the internet. I'm a true junkie. Ugh :(

Trinitiy Star:

Yes. Breathing in I am present. Breathing out I am peaceful. :)

MethoDeist said...

This is without a doubt one of my biggest problems. While I eat I think of 5 other things that I should be doing or are to come. When I walk I don't enjoy nature as I should but think about 5 others things that I should be doing or are to come.

I have to stop and take many deep breaths to clear my mind and focus on mindfulness.

Nice quote and very timely in my case.


"James" said...


Yeah, me too. Mindfulness is such a great teaching/tool. It is a great subject of meditation. One thing I like to say to maintain mindfulness is, "Breathing in I am present. Breathing out I am peaceful."

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