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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Over-Haul Update

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've decided to basically stick with the template the way it is right now.

I switched the font back to trebuchet and enlarged the font a bit so it's easier to read. As well as switching the title from bold and whitened up the description of the blog.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

We need to understand the concept of practice and what makes it spiritual. Practice is an activity that is regularly performed and is an open-ended process, never reaching a point of perfection. We can develop skills or even mastery with practice, but there always remains a quality of something new to learn. If approached with a dull mind, even the most exotic practice becomes a rote expression. A person could spend a lifetime in practice this way and accomplish no more than a perfunctory exterior form without any spiritual substance. Unfortunately, many people find themselves following a traditional practice for the wrong reasons. They make all the right moves, but there is no heart in it. We should approach the most mundane practice with a bright, open beginner's mind and regularly discover new insights, whether brushing our teeth, washing the dishes, or making the bed.

--David A. Cooper, Silence, Simplicity and Solitude

James: I think this is why practicing mindfulness is so important. I see meditation as the key and mindfulness as the door to Buddha nature or awakened being. I like to use the word awakened instead of enlightenment because enlightenment has become so charged and over-used. It has come to mean that there is some kind of "Ah HA!!" moment in one's practice that marks the end of one's journey. The reality is that every moment is an "Ah HA!!"

This can only be achieved in combining meditation, chanting, memorizing sutras with living in mindfulness.

~Peace to all beings~

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MethoDeist said...

Your right, that is an excellent little blurp about the importance of mindfulness and the importance that we should place on it.


Greenwoman said...

Hi...Much easier reading this time...and I've always thought it was a beautiful blog just the way it is.

I'm one of those who, beautiful or not, I need a chance, cause I'm tired of looking at it.

That's part of why I'm so excited that Ceeci is interested in sharing her learning about css and html. I wanna learn to make little adjustments to my blog myself as time passes.

And I'm thinking deeply about your message of innocent focus; beginners focus. so true...difficult for me to achieve though. It's hard not to look through the lense of experience isn't it?

h. said...

Hey there J. Just a thought to tickle your brain...

"This can only be achieved in combining meditation, chanting, memorizing sutras with living in mindfulness."

Is that to say that anyone who doesn't do such things cannot reach an "Ah HA!" state? I would have to disagree with such a statement.

I agree with the importance of practicing mindfullness...I just think that saying the ONLY way to reaching it by doing such things is a bit strong.

Just my two cents...

:) I liked the old blog style better, too. :)

Am I being feisty? Perhaps... *grins*

They call him James Ure said...


Yes, mindfulness really is so important in our practice.


I'm glad it's easier to read. Yeah I'll probably need a change sooner or later as well.

It is difficult to achieve...but that's why they call it a practice I guess. :)


Good points. I don't want to come across as saying it's the only way to go. I shouldn't have said, "only." I was trying to emphasize combining teachings to get the best results from one's practice. I can see how it came out a bit strong though.

Tim said...

Not sure why you would want to change a thing....The only constant being change, well, perhaps that explains it.
Be well, my Brother..

They call him James Ure said...


The only constant being change, well, perhaps that explains it.

Good point. I like how you put that.

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