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Monday, April 09, 2007

Help Wanted: Over-Haul the Blog

So I am getting a bit restless here at TBB. I'm looking to change up the style of the blog a bit but my html is limited and my ability to customize and design is ZERO. I tried to change my font style to papyrus via my html "skills" and it got all jacked--defaulting to Aerial. In short, I had to change it back to the font the template was designed with. Although, I did increase the font size a bit--what do you think? Is it too big?

So it all comes down to this--I'm looking for someone to revamp the blog. Does anyone know how to customize blogs?? I'd be willing to pay someone a bit (depending on the price) to do this so let me know.

I'm looking to keep the minimal design with the black and white as much as possible to reflect the Tao. However, I'd like to have the background be of a stand of colorful green bamboo or bamboo forest and the Buddha picture stone, black and white or grey color.

Anyway, if anyone wishes to take on such a project and possibly get paid--let me know!! How many of you like the blog just the way it is?

~Peace to all beings~

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Renée said...

James, I think that it is not necessary to have any change on your blog. His name "The Buddhist Blog" is essential. Simplicity is a symbol of Buddhism and in my opinion a colourful presentation would be disturbing in a certain way but in another way if you feel the need of change then change it...

They call him James Ure said...


I agree with you on simplicity being a symbol of Buddhism. I like that my blog is simple but sometimes I wonder if it is too simple. I don't know. I keep going back and forth on this.

jonsweaver said...

I will help you with your blog revamp. They call me Jon Weaver & I'm a webmaster, Buddhist, human being in Santa Fe, NM.
Let me know if you're interested.
With Metta, JON

Sachman Bhatti said...

I can help you. My latest big website I made was and I used to do web development for Jack Johnson, alongside some film societies. I can't charge anything though, I don't mix wisdom and commerce, or make wisdom commodity.

If you'd like to discuss send me an e-mail at sachmanATsachmanbhattiDOTCOM (to stop spammers I do that). I'll give you my instant messengers and we get you a sketch before we replace your blogspot template. (Don't let my blog be a measure, I just used a template because I found no reason to do more).

Anonymous said...

Just one of the nice Blogger templates would do fine. They're very easy to choose (go to Blogger, go to Settings, then Layout, then choose away). No HTML skills required. You can even customise the individual colours, again without any HTML.

Three things I'd recommend:

1. Pick a white background. Tao is no excuse for hard-to-read text, and it's harder to read white on black than black on white.

2. Stop using a limited feed length. I personally prefer to read this site and many others through an RSS reader like Google Reader, and it's just annoying going to read something that cuts off mid-sentence and obliges me to complicate matters by visiting a different site just to see what's what.

3. Don't pay anyone. Seriously, this stuff is very easy to learn given about an hour of playing about with Blogger, and paying someone to do it is throwing money away.

Avusa said...

i like the blog as it is, but as a designer i must say this. The font does not catch attention. It's difficult to read. I think you better put one more simple. But i leke a lot your blog an your messages and that's the only thing i think it's important!


Paul said...

James, the larger font is easier to read, and easier to read is important to me at my age.

I suggest you have fun playing around with the design. "Moving the furniture around" is a great way to refresh things and see life in new ways. Just my 2 cents.

Greenwoman said...

Hi James! I'm glad it looks like you found someone to help you. If it doesn't work out, I'd recommend the lady who did my template: Ceeci.

I do agree with Avusa about the new font. It's a bit difficult to read. I do like that font a great deal though. In a simpler background than a post, it would be the header of your blog. or with a special signature used to sign off on each post...that sort of thing. YOu can also specify that your the font and color of your responses to comments use it. It wouldn't be so hard to read a short answer as it is a whole post.

I'm very excited to see the blog get an update. *smiles*

Oh...and by the way...If you want to learn how to do the whole thing yourself eventually, Ceeci is teaching how to do it on her Geeky Streak blog....but it will take some weeks and some practicing to be ready to fiddle with the template. And Ceeci taught me to use a test blog, so that you can learn to fiddle without playing with your real blogs and later you can test drive ideas.

alison said...

change or no change, it's all ok. just follow your heart and design to your liking and have FUN! :) the process is suppose to bring joy, not otherwise. :)

Tex69 said...

it's what's inside that's important. Content over appearance. consider that before you string yourself out wanting the "perfect" layout.

awouldbehipster said...

I think that Paul had a good point. It's good to move the furniture around every now and again. Good luck on your new venture. I'll be checking in to congratulate your effort.

Kay said...

I like your blog style.

I am glad that you increased the font size, but then, I'm blind. :-D

The only thing that I find it impossible to read is red words on a black background. It causes a 3D effect, but you don't seem to do that too much.

CJ said...

I'm rather late to join the party here, but I find the white text on black backround incredibly difficult to read. My eyes go all funny, so I can only do it for brief periods when I'm not tired!

I do make the effort though, because I always like reading your posts.

CJ Words

They call him James Ure said...


I'm sorry that the blog is hard to read but thankful for reading anyway. :) I might change the template still but probably not right away. Maybe I'll bold the lettering so it shows up as a bolder white.

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