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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eco-Hangers. Recycled Cardboard Clothes Hangers

This from CNET:

The idea for the company--which makes a dry cleaner hanger made entirely from recycled paper--came after founder and Chief Operating Officer J.D. Schulman's mother asked him to throw away a bunch of old wire hangers. He put them in the garbage, the hangers poked a hole in the bag, and gravy dripped on her white carpet when Schulman took the garbage out, says HangerNetwork CEO Bob Kantor.

The result was the EcoHanger, a sturdy replacement for wire hangers that can be folded and tossed into the ordinary household recycling bin. Because they biodegrade relatively quickly, the hanger conceivably could displace significant amounts of difficult-to-dispose-of garbage every year.

"3.5 billion wire hangers go into U.S. landfills every year, and they sit in there for over a hundred years," Kantor said.

Perhaps just as important, the company says it can bring these hangers to market in an economical way that makes it attractive for dry cleaners to switch. HangerNetwork doesn't sell its hangers. It gives them free to dry cleaners, who ordinarily have to pay about 8 cents per wire hanger.

So who foots the bill? National advertisers pay HangerNetwork to put ads on the hangers, which then stare consumers in the face when they get dressed in the morning.

"We have Van Heusen shirts, L'Oreal, Dunkin' Donuts, Mitchum antiperspirant," Kantor said. "On average, (the hanger) stays in your closet six to eight weeks."

The company is already pulling in "multimillions" in ad revenue, he said. Ad campaigns can be targeted at men or women and will be available nationwide or aimed at specific markets. The ad campaigns start at 250,000 hangers.

Technically speaking, the EcoHanger is made from 34-point paperboard (a relatively thick paper) that is folded onto itself. The hanger is then glued and laminated for extra strength. In the end, the hanger is strong enough to hold clothes, but remains flexible. The company has sought patents on the device.

James: My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to order some for my personal use!! I want to replace all my hangers with these environmentally friendly ones.

~Peace to all beings~

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Andy said...

Hi James,

While you are thinking about protecting the environment and willing for buying such for your personal use, why don't you keep using your existing wired or wooden hangers since they are more durable and could last for years.

EcoHanger are good only on the dry clean industry or alike.

They call him James Ure said...

Great point Andy. Might as well make use of the plastics ones that I already have instead of just tossing them for the cardboard ones to save on the landfill.

Sunny Fresh said...

Please recycle your unwanted "wire hangers" to your local Dry Cleaners. The "cardboard hanger" is a huge business and is going to benefit all. Not just the "Dry Clean" industry or "alike".
Wire hangers suck. They leave pucks on your shirts.They cost too much, and the U.S. Govt. is charging huge tarrifs on importations (approx. 85% increase this year alone) so, let's provide jobs and income for "our people". Let the big Co.s pay for recyled card boad hangers by advertising on them. These also will end up in the trash (land fill) anyways. Simply because not all do the right thing to "Recycle". Ultimately, the cost for "wire hangers" will be left in the pockets of the "Dry Cleaning" industry or "alike". ;)
Start Recycling!

Angela Jhone said...

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Maru said...

Very nice. Maybe doing some bigger serve where we need this accessory for babies and not found in any Hanger factory

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