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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Meditation with the Buddha Within

I have been having some awful nightmares of late and was talking with my therapist about it and she had a suggestion. She said that since meditation works so well for me that I should try and do a mini-meditation before bedtime--one that concentrated solely upon getting ready for sleep. So a big part of that for me has been breathing deeply and letting the days events bubble up into my head as I lie there on the bed and physically breath them out of my mind and body. So last night I was doing this and kept letting go of things and felt things really fall away from my True Nature of Oneness and soon I merged into a soft, deep sleep.

The next thing I realized I was sitting on the steps of a Grecian style pool floating out in the middle of the stars. It was Grecian in that it had a couple of steps all around the edges of the pool rather then a sharp wall like a traditional western style pool and the corners of the pool were squared a bit with little landings just above the water level. There were small Cyprus style tress on the outer edges of the four corners and on the very outer borders was a crystal clear, light sapphire colored water that flowed around the perimeter of the pool and cascaded down the steps into the pool at four locations along the sides of the large basin.

In a flash I was comfortably floating in the pool that had no bottom--just more stars twinkling down through the crystal cool sapphire-like water. I was surrounded by beings--all of whom I knew one way or another and they knew me. A few I recognized from this life and others I knew from previous lives but our meeting was like we had never left each other's sides. It was state of pure realization that emptiness is form and form is emptiness. Human bodies were only being presented as means to interact with these various frequencies of energies. It was a joyous reunion for everyone. I have never seen such beaming smiles, sparkling eyes and sincere embracing. It really was energy reuniting with other forms of energy--the various energies of ones karma--pure being reuniting with those of others to form the all-uniting enegry of pure love. The love was so powerful yet soft and comforting--it was the oxygen.

Soon everyone's attention came to these two beings of light that were sitting on chairs at the head of the pool where a second little jacuzzi style pool formed behind them. They took the form of humans but it was easy to tell that these beings were Buddhas. Interestingly enough, one was a barrel chested man with a long, wirery grey beard and tattoos down his arms and legs--my kind of Budda!! The other was a woman who looked very much like my mother in white flowing robes and hair of spun gold that danced like the stars in the background. It seemed from others' reactions, however, that they saw a different man or woman depending on their own experiences and then it dawned on me--the man or woman we were seeing was who we are as Buddhas!! We were looking at our True Natures!!! That realization made my body pulse and vibrate with love, compassion and thankfulness to the Universe and the power that is within all things that has always been and will always be in one form or another.

In the next moment we were all being given various clothing to wear--all the while floating in this water which has some kind of spiritual rejuvenating power within it. These clothes were to be taken symbolically rather then to be taken literal. I was given a lovely suit that had all kinds of sparkles and ruins on it that glowed when I put it on. The minute I laid my eyes upon it I recognized it as a past life--and a wonderful one at that. I can't remember all the details of this life but I do remember it was a powerful one that reminded me of my True Nature and potential.

There were other revelations and teachings during this "reunion" of sorts that I can not remember and I wish that I could. However, sometimes you do not need to know the specifics of something to remember the more important essence behind the teaching--and that is the feeling of understanding and peace that comes with it. From what I can remember however, these were direct one-on-one meditations sessions with your inner self--my inner Buddha. The old tattooed guy with a long, stringy grey bread. Hehe. I seem to recall that there was a joining of minds, a oneness that was achieved to where I could have clear vision, insight and awareness of my Buddha nature. Wisdom that I dearly needed to be reminded of at this time in my life.

Perhaps the reason that I can not describe it further is because there are really no words to describe enlightenment and that floating along the edges of Nirvana. I had no sense of time while I was in that intense union meditation with my inner Buddha so when I ended my session and rejoined the group I was sad to see it was time for everyone to depart company. Tears flowed like water but they were tears of joy--tears that we had had this precious moment--this wonderful, present moment to reunite in form to grow and learn in a "power session" and remember that we do not need form to reunite in the beautiful emptiness of Oneness that is in our nature at all times and places.

I awoke earlier then usual but feeling more rested then I would otherwise at this time in the morning. As I slowly returned to my awakened state I would feel tears of joy slightly leak from my eyes and I realized that my tears were of that same liquid that was in that pool. Our tears are precious liquid--powerful aids in our lives. Those drops of joy were joined by a soft yet resolved half-smile. I then closed my eyes for a time to try and remember as much as I could to write this all down. Then got up, made some coffee and typed this out. I hope that you will find something in this journey of mine that might spur you on or remind you of how precious and wonderful you are and that this moment is. How cherished a gift that this human state is from our Buddha within.

I am so thankful to my Buddha nature and to all those wonderful beings that I reunited with and to all things, beings, energies and Buddhas throughout space and time for giving me that wonderful moment. I had a rough couple of weeks with my illness and I really needed that healing, reminder and retreat to give me the energy to recommit to my practice.

May all beings and energies remember the True Nature of things and remember the beautiful power of Oneness. May we all remember and feel that Oneness so that we can awaken from our samsaric slumber and help each other awaken as well--and remain awake. In order that we realize our Buddha Nature that was always there and always will be. So that we might all merge brightly with the indescribable pure suchness of Mahaparinirvana. The unconstrained, True Self that is said by the Buddha in the Nirvana Sutra to be "indestructible as a diamond."

I bow to the Buddha within you all and within this body they call "James."

~Peace to all beings~

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Greenwoman said...

Namaste my dear soul friend...What a wonderful and inspiring post....

It seems that your therapist gave you some good advice. *smiles*

I am very glad to share in the experience of your meditation.

Korrie said...

That must have been a wonderful dream. Much better than nightmares, huh?

Nathan Belomy said...

The problem with Huddhist's is when they cook food, it smells up the whole house. Not like this is a problem, but good food causes emotional distress.

私達 said...

LOVE <3 ~ to the dreamer and the dream

PeterAtLarge said...

James, thanks for checking in on The Buddha Diaries, and for the birthday greetings! I'm back from vacation, so I trust we'll visit more often. Nice dream, by the way! Then, too, the nightmares can offer great teaching, no? Blessings, PaL

RL said...

what a beautiful & moving meditation. thank you for sharing it. and yes, processing the day's events before attempting to sleep is a wonderful suggestion; otherwise they may show up in nightmares, etc.

They call him James Ure said...


I am happy to share in it with you too. I love sharing such insights and beautiful moments that we all inter-experience. I am grateful for your blog and the inspiration it often gives me.


Yes, much better. I've had way to many nightmares lately so I needed that healing moment very much.



Unknown Kanji commenter (sorry I wish I knew all languages):

Thank-you. Love to all beings and energies, yes.


No problem. I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation for the body, mind and spirit. You are right that nightmares teach us much as well. They can be very enlightening. I forget sometimes that all energies are our teachers. :) Thank-you for that reminder. _/I\_


You're quite welcome. Yes, It is good to settle into sleep mode gently. It is always good to merge into different energies with gentleness. Thank-you all for your comments. :) I bow to the Buddhas within you all. :)

SHANTI said...


They call him James Ure said...


Thank-you. That is very nice of you to say. I hope to see you here again. I wish you all the best.

mermaid said...

When I first read this, I yearned for that dream, that peace, that stillness. And then I realized you are right. Buddha nature is within us all.

I have tried so many different modalities to heal anxiety and depression: therapy, meds, yoga, chakra healing, but only found the answer to forgiveness, to love within myself.

I have recently developed quite an interest in Vipassana meditation, and I know. The true nature of things will arise. I will look at others, and see myself, and the potential for our love trapped inside the prison be build around our hearts, yearning to be free.

Anukriti said...

Hi that was really a beautiful dream.

david said...


I have had similiar dreams, in various modalities.

But the wonderful thing about that is, it is not "just" a dream ... it is a real journey. All the beings in the experience , are as real as the world as you are in during your so called "waking" hours.

What you felt, learned and experienced, this is treasure, keep it with you always.

I have visited past lives, met spiritual guides, and have had wisdom whispered to me, in ways that are beyond words and the context of the material world.

Like the Tibetan's say "give up corpse-like sleeping" to engage in dream yoga,... it is a very useful and powerful activity.

one love,

They call him James Ure said...


You have made a very meaningful discovery--love for ones self is critical to maintaining peace. It is still something that I am working on as well. Keep up the great work. I send you all my love and happiness that I feel on this day.


It sure was. A great teaching/lesson.


So right you are. "We" exist at all times, in all places, in all people, in all things. What is there to fear when we realize this great lesson? Thank-you.

Anonymous said...

They call him James Ure said...

Thanks for the link Anonymous and welcome. :)

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