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Monday, August 27, 2007

My Interview with Mala Maker Brian McIntyre. Part II


6). What are a few (2-3) of your favorite books on spirituality? Play of Consciousness! By Swami Muktananda. This will forever stand as the book that clarified my path and make all previous experiences clear and understandable.I am amassing a library of books in hopes that any one of the books will iPmpact their lives as this book has for me.

7). What is your view of the world today?

FEAR brings ignorance and despair. Living in fear forever roots us in samsara and believing that we are separate from one another will never heal the state of the world.The more people can sit in reflection of themselves and realize that we are all related in light and LOVE than the world will be a space of LOVE and devotion. A world where we all live together and help each other realize our own divinity.

8). Your website mentions that incense is available. What is your favorite incense and why? (You can choose two if you’d like).

“Temple Incense” I call it this because I am not sure what the name is but it comes in bunches and you can buy them in Chinatown’s…with red sticks holding the incense together. It reminds me of my many visits to North East Asian temples.“Prasad Incense”. This is any incense that has been gifted to me by monks off Shrines where people have worhsipped and offered to the gods. After the evening winds down these offerings are taken off the shrines by resident monks and passed out to people.

9). Have you visited any other Buddhist and other religious holy sites? Which ones and what did you think of them?

Too many to name! Haien-sa, Korea. The location that has over 10,000 tablets of wood encompassing the entire Pali Canon! Borobodur, Indonesia. The largest Buddhist complex in the world, it is a representation of Buddha’s life from birth to Nirvana and requires the devotee to walk clockwise around the complex and once a full round is done you walk up to the next level and repeat until you make it to the 9th “floor”.“Vulture’s Peak” near Hangzhou, China where caves are carved out into images of the Buddha. AMAZING!
(Above: Brian at "Vulture's Peak" near Hangzhou, China).

10). What do you think of the spread, growth and adaptation of Buddhism in the West?

In the consumer culture of the West some people become jaded believing that Buddhism has been “marketed” but in the end the image of a divine being is the best for a society. Simply having an image of the Buddha in your home or work space creates a tranquil and peaceful state of mind.

There have been some people who have “jumped on the band wagon” because of Buddhism popularity. But only the true at heart will live through this popularity and show the way, leading by example. Buddhism has created a present culture or mindful citizens and compassionate beings and it is a matter of time before our society as a whole benefits from the actions of these beings.

I always tell people that you have to believe the West is becoming a more conscious and connected culture when someone can make a living being a mala maker.
(Above: Gazebo in a lake. Hangzhou, China).

James: I think you would agree that Brian is a very fascinating, kind, talented and wise person. Thank you Brian for the interview. Once again I would like to recommend Brian's malas. They are the best malas that I have ever used/worn and I have worn many. If you would like to learn more about his malas then just check out his website by clicking on the name, Destination Om: Custom Malas and Prayer Tools.

~Peace to all beings~

PHOTO CREDITS: All photos are the sole property of Brian McIntyre. The image on the top left of the blog is credited to Brian's website: Destination Om: Custom Malas and Prayer Tools.

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Anonymous said...

If I get my picture taken in front of all the famous Buddhist sites can I claim to be a Buddhist? Will this give me spiritual cred?

nirvana said...

Your article is great!


Anonymous said...

How many bogus magazine ads have someone sitting in the lotus pose to make you think they are Yogis or Buddhists? Especially when they are selling something? It kind of makes me sick- these phony (North) Americans who can't tell a Hindu cult from real dharma- and they're acting all holy and making money from it!

They call him James Ure said...


Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


Making a living by fabricating, blessing and selling prayer beads qualifies in my mind as, "Right Livelihood."

Brian said...

Dear Anonymous,

I see your anger and on the surface you are completely correct. BUT knowing me (Brian - mala maker of this interview) you will know what my mission is and that the claims that I am a Buddhist were never spoken from my mouth.
I follow a Hindu teacher that is far from a Cult but I can see in your lack of knowledge that a cult could be seen as the truth of my experience.
I for one am at peace with myself and what I do in life. I try to live a right life and was asked by James to be interviewed. It is a help in a business sense (I agree with you) but what is wrong with making a livelihood on helping others help themselves? I only offer tools for meditators to use and hope that they too can find peace.

Stop the judgment and the name calling; use that negative energy in search of Grace for when that impacts your life knowledge will arise, wisdom comes forth and humility becomes an everyday way of life.
Don't waste your energy on judging myself or others, please use that same energy you feel when irritated enough to judge me or others and turn it within to look upon yourself and see where you live, what you do for others, and what is your impact on the planet.

I hope in this questioning deep within you rise above the petty past time of questioning others paths in life.

Blessings on the path, regardless of denomination or creed.

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