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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Merging with Autumn and Preparing for Winter

There is a noticeable bite in the air these last few days around here. The vibrant energy of summer is slowing down and the season of harvest and contemplation is upon us. Autumn is a beautiful time of year and gives us the precious opportunity to pause and reflect upon the changes that we have gone through in the waning year. It is a time to give thanks for all the bounteous things that grace our lives. For instance, just the other day I was marveling over having warm, clean, fresh water at my fingertips. There is so much hard work and knowledge that has gone into granting me the convenience of indoor plumbing and I am very grateful. I am very aware that many in this world do not have that luxury and I pray that they will one day be able to enjoy such a blessing.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when everything is vibrantly changing to make way for the long winter sleep. The trees begin to turn color to put on a glorious art show before shedding them to conserve energy for the cold days to come. Animals grow thicker fur and hair to adapt to the chill. It is a wonderful season to contemplate upon impermanence and how joyful change can be. I find the change in seasons to be one of the most potent pieces of evidence of impermanence and the existence of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth that one can experience. It reminds us that while we continue to base our state of being around desire, we will encounter the suffering of being cold and feeling aches in our aging bodies. What better reminder to work toward one's liberation then a cold, aching body!!

Soon winter will set in and slow us down and bring us to a state of rest. Winter is a time of quiet and peace if we allow ourselves to move beyond the physical suffering of the cold and snow. The more we can reside in a state of Buddha-nature or Onenes we better realize that winter isn't all about suffering. It is a time to regroup, study and contemplate where we wish to go in the next year. It is a period of setting goals and re-evaluating our state of being. Of course this is needed at all times during the year but there is something about winter that makes such action more accessible.

If you do not live in a climate that experiences severe cold and snow then the same can be experienced during the cold rains that force one to be indoors more and spend more time with oneself.

Yes, Autumn and winter will soon settle in around us and we will once more experience the awesomeness of change. As with all things we tend to only look at one side of an idea such as with change. I think that I often look at only the pain side of change and not the beauty and wonderful lessons that can lie within such adjustments.

PHOTO: What a beautiful face on this Buddha statue. Here is Buddha reminding us to enjoy the changing seasons.

~Peace to all beings~

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Greenwoman said...

I love the fall...warm days; cool nights; lots of color. My time of power. blessings...

thailandchani said...

Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons. There's something about the leaves falling, the crispness in the air.



PeterAtLarge said...

James, you make me nostalgic for the seaons. We don't have them around here. Just the eternal sun and the rainy season--when it no longer seems to rain anyway.

They call him James Ure said...


It's my time of power too. And thank-you as always for the blessings. I send them back to you with many happy returns.


It really seems to make life more vivid.


I love rain myself and we haven't had much of it here either.

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