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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Buddha Santa!!

I hope you all had a peaceful, serene day.

Today on Christmas I was thinking about Jesus and how in the Buddhist tradition he would probably be a Bodhisattva, and that is exactly how I see him--a great, wise and wonderfully compassionate teacher. Or perhaps a Buddha. It's another way for me to feel apart of the season with my Christians brothers and sisters. It's a time to celebrate common ideals such a peace on Earth and good will toward every man, woman and child.

He did so much for the poor and down trodden seeing the clear importance of taking care of one's brother like oneself. Just as the Buddha lived and taught. Let's hope that by this time next year the present giving tradition will be replaced with donating money to charities that others support. Or at least reduced to only giving a few simple gifts in addition to donations.

It is sad to see such a sacred tradition of celebrating the serene and glorious birth of one of the greatest spiritual leaders on planet Earth stripped and warped into the commercial, materialistic orgy it has become today.

~Peace to all beings~

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itchgotmysoul said...

my dear friend - the word apart in your post should be a part though is it not ironical that 'a part' is parted and 'apart' is together

and second - we attended service for xmas this year - for me it was after 2 decades - i studied in catholic schools and created nativity scenes for xmas in my own home during xmas when i was a child - born in a sikh household - i was brought up by hindu help at home - i clung to a bible in my first crisis in life and explored so many religions to settle on buddhism - but this xmas did not feel any different even after all these years - they really are all the same - jesus, buddha - just one big party - and all within us

much love and happiness !

the living mandala said...

An excellent post. :) My family was confused how as a buddhist I could have a nativity in my house over the holiday season. For me, I see it as paying respect to a man who I feel had some great things to say and advocated for peace and brotherhood. I say anyone who promoted a lifestyle of loving kindness is ok in my books!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Loved the post--Happy New Year to you!

Adrienne Parker said...

Dear James,

Good to check back in on your blog and do some catch up reading. Did you have a fun time at Disney World over Thanksgiving? I got a real powerful hit on the consumerism of the holidays when our flight back home from the east coast to California was cancelled and we ended up in Minneapolis for a 6 hour layover on "Black Friday". Mall of America was a 10 minute air rail trip from the airport and my oh my... I hope your Dad is doing well, that was a very sweet post. I like your Santa Buddha. At this moment my Buddha is graced by two nutcrackers by his sides. This post reminded me of when 30 something years ago I got involved with an Eastern Indian religion and being raised a Christian I struggled with my attachment to Jesus. I finally figured it out and had a picture of Jesus on my altar with my Hindu Deities for years. Blessings to you and those you love.

Ginger said...

i agree with this and it's good to see someone who was able to put these thoughts on the screen in such an articulate manner.

i love jesus, i do see him as a buddha. i like how itchgotmysoul put it, "just one big party - and all within us."

MotherAngel said...

I do notice as well that in both religions (Christianity and Buddhism) saints, Jesus and Buddha were painted with an aura around their heads... People who can perceive auras throughout history were visually expressing the holiness the same away ! The Source has always been only one, and humans have split it into different views, so called religions.
Peace to all beings

jnana said...

Hi, nice images. All saint should be regarded as Buddha, enlightened man. I think we have more Buddhas around us more than we expect.

Recently, I opened my blog. Please come visit us.

G. said...

Beautiful. :) I almost did Santa Buddha cards this year, but figured it would push my family over the edge. vbg. So I just settled for telling them that Jesus is a Buddha.

They call him James Ure said...


I like how you say, "One big party." That's a great way of looking at it all.


Thank-you. I feel the same way about Jesus as you do. He was a great man and taught so many beautiful things.

I honor him and respect him. I do not see it incompatible to honor him as a Bodhisattva.




I like how you intergrate many beliefs into your life. I think too often we exclude teachings of other religions and beliefs/philosophies simply because they aren't taught by our main tradition.

We had a great time at Disney World by the way. :)


Thank-you for the complement on my writing. You are very kind.


I have nothing to add to your beautiful and insightful words. Thank-you for adding your thoughts.


I think we have more Buddhas around too.


Yeah it's so sad how some people are so threatened by something different.

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