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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Free Burma" T-Shirt Giveaway.

During the terrifying yet hopeful protests in Burma recently, I wanted to show my support for the cause and immediately began blogging during those intense days trying to bring awareness to as many as I could. Yet I wanted to do more and since there weren't any demonstrations against the military junta crackdown in my area, I looked for other ways to show my solidarity.

I wanted those in my relatively sheltered community who tend to be disconnected with the rest of the world to know of the crimes occurring on the opposite side of the world against the Burmese people and sangha. This led me to buy a "Free Burma" t-shirt so that I could show my support and hopefully raise awareness. I found a site online which sold a nice looking one and ordered it. However, when it arrived I realized that not only was it the wrong size but that it was a girl's t-shirt. I'm a somewhat bulky guy and a girl's shirt wouldn't even fit over my head!! So obviously It wouldn't work, therefore I contacted the online store and told them of the mishap. They were very helpful and said that they would exchange it for the right size if I sent it back. However, I didn't get around to sending it back within the allowed time frame so now I'm stuck with this shirt.
I want someone who really cares about this issue to have it and wear it so I decided that I would like to give it away to one of my readers here. I would like to extend this opportunity to all of my readers around the world but I can only afford to ship it to someone in either the United States, Canada or Mexico. That being said, I would be more than willing to send it to any other country than the three mentioned above but I can not afford the shipping costs. So if you would like the shirt and live outside the USA and Canada then just send me the money to pay for the shipping via Paypal. Please know that you can trust me that I'll indeed send you the shirt. I would never steal your money. I'm not perfect but I like to think I'm a very honest person and a faithful Buddhist and so please take my word that your trust in me will be taken as sacred.

I wondered what would be the best way to select the "winner" (I hate that word, it's so exclusive) of this t-shirt so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to place everyone's name who is interested into a hat and just pull a name out. I would do this with the utmost confidentiality and honesty. In fact, I will have my wife pull the name out of the hat as she is one of the most honest and unbiased people I know.

Therefore, if you wish to enter the drawing then just post a comment and I'll use your screen name, write it on a piece of paper, fold it in half several times and place them into the hat. If you're an anonymous person then just use whatever name that you want but don't just use "anonymous" because there are others that might use the name "anonymous" as well. I will then hold the hat just above my wife's head and have her reach her hand up and pull a name/piece of paper out of the hat. And that will determine the "winner." I hate to use that word "winner" but it's the only one that I can think of. I've leave the contest open for two weeks or so.

Let me give you a few more details and measurements for the shirt:
It is a U.S. women's xxl (2xl) red t-shirt with yellow/orange lettering which blends to a deep orange red (see photos). The website says it is fitted which means that it is tighter around the body and maybe smaller than the size says. They didn't have the exact measurements for a woman's xxl fitted t-shirt. So here are the measurements for a regular woman's xxl shirt, I'm hoping that they are quite similar. Anyway, here is the information: Chest size: 52 inches, Length: 30"

Good luck to all participants!!

~Peace to all beings~

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Anonymous said...

Care to provide a link to the website that sold the shirt? I might pick one up for myself.


Wade M | The Middle Way said...

Hi James,

If no one picks this shirt up, I'll go you 1/2 in what it cost, plus shipping to Australia. I'm a pretty small guy, so I'd imagine it'd fit (140pounds). Please put everyone before me.

The shirt's a great idea, and I too would like the link for it. Thank you for being so active with your support on the Burmese situation. It has fall out of the public eye down here. You are an inspiration to me.



Terri said...

It is a beautiful shirt... can I get the link to the site where you bought it? Thanks.

the living mandala said...

Well, I'd also like to cast my name into the hat. I'd wear it with pride - before I left on my maternity leave I was sending at least one email a week to my coworkers and students about this horrible situation, trying to raise awareness (I'm sure they're all probably happy I'm gone - they get a break from my 'campaigning' for a while).

Marie Roshi said...

Ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me!!! ;-)

Marie Roshi said...

By the way, instead of winner you could use the word(s):
End user
Aspiring new owner


They call him James Ure said...

Anonymous and other looking for the link to this shirt. It looks like all they offer now are women's shirts and the only color, pink

None the less, here is the link:
Free Burma Women's Shirt


I want to give this shirt away so all I'd ask from you is the shipping amount.

I will put your name in the hat. No need to exclude yourself from the raffle as the raffle is how I'll select the recipient.

Thank-you for your kind words. I am happy that I inspire you as you inspire me!! This Buddha blogosphere that we all contribute to is such a beautiful, vibrant and diverse world-wide sangha!!

What an amazing thing!! The Buddha probably never realized how large a sangha would grow via technology. I'm sure he would be happy but only show it with a simple smile. :)


I'll count you in then.

Marie Roshi:

Yep, you'll be in the running and thanks for the word smithing assistance. I had a brain freeze moment and forgot to visit my favorite online Thesaurus.

They call him James Ure said...

One more thought. There are many "Free Burma" shirts out there. A lot of different designs on Cafepress.

Try looking up "free Burma shirt" in Google and then click on the "shopping" link in the Google menu at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

hi there....i have been receiving your buddhist blog via email for a few months now. i too was moved by the news from burma and would love to have you put my name in the hat. thank you for being so giving. and thank you for your blog....


Zita said...

Awesome! I would like to drop my name into the hat! I go to a big university and it will spark lots of conversation among my fellow classmates.

DB said...

Please drop my name in the hat.

Dan Burke

They call him James Ure said...


No problem. You're in.

sararz said...

I love the shirt. Sara Zimmerman. :)

bo said...

it's a great t shirt..great cause..

bo dias

EdaMommy said...

FWIW - the Free Burma shirt I am going to go with is the one The Hunger Site sells ( It has a cool quote by Aung San Suu Kyi, and "Every Free Burma T-Shirt sold will help fund medical care in a rural Burmese village, providing essential daily medicine, including antibiotics, anti-malarial drugs, vitamins, and a wide range of other medicines to treat illnesses common to rural Burma. This is in addition to the good you do by buying it here. [25 cups of food for the hungry]"

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