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Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Nephew Ethan.

My brother and his son Ethan are here visiting for the holidays and it has been fun to spend time with them both but especially the little guy. He is so sweet, innocent and brimming full of happiness. He is two years old and full of life, joy and full belly laughs.

<---(James with Ethan in his red pajamas).

He refers to himself as "Ethan" rather then, "me" or "I." For example, "Ethan like milk," or "Ethan do it." He still hasn't grasped the whole duality delusion and so it is beautiful to watch a pure being like himself who hasn't made the distinction between his name, himself and the world around him yet.

He sees things as nameless right now, a reality that we adults spend hours meditating to redevelop. He is starting to understand though that he is being forced into a world that is obsessed with distinctions, labels, perceptions and the worship of the individual.

Therefore he keeps asking what objects are "named" and feels frustrated when he can't figure out our complex language of parsing words and splitting the reality of oneness into trillions of pieces. (Above: Ethan playing with this toy helicopter)

I think that one of the reasons that we enjoy children and need them around (besides keeping humanity going) is that they are some of the best teachers around. They remind us to take pleasure in that little bug crawling along in the dirt, to laugh a lot and not be afraid to act silly. They remind us to accept people for who they are rather than feeling we have to change everyone to fit our model of, "How people should act/live."

Ethan, I love you buddy.

~Peace to all beings~

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jnana said...

thanks for your posting. he looks cute. i also have a nephew who is so cute and adorable. when i see him, i wonder how a consciousness of adult can be changed to that of a toddler if the theory of reincarnation is right. it is one of the mysteries i want to solve eventually.

jackson said...

My nephew, Josiah, uses similar phrases to Ethan's. When he wants a bite of food, he'll tell his mom, "Siah bite." So cute!

Children really are great teachers. We adults get so accustomed to our surroundings that nothing is mysterious or magical. But, as you said, a small child gets so excited when she sees a banana slug, or when she goes down a slide, or when she sees a shooting star. That feeling of awe is often missing in my life, and I would learn how to experience it once more. Maybe I should spend more time with my nephew.

They call him James Ure said...


He's adorable. He is so full of life and happiness. I can't help but feel happy when around him.

There are so many great mysteries in the universe that I don't think we will ever fully understand.


He sounds like a smart one too. They are such great teachers, I agree. Yeah we need more magic and feelings of awe in our lives.

We need to reconnect with our surroundings instead of just hurrying everywhere and ignoring the beauty of the so-called, "little things."

Ginger said...

i love kids...every now and then i meet one who seems similarly frustrated and i lean in and tell them that it's okay...i understand exactly where they're coming from and that one day they'll be able to sort it out.

i don't know if they think i'm being odd or if they feel better being told that, but it always seems as if they look at me as if to say, "thank goodness! it's not just me then!"

go rockies!

d. chedwick bryant said...

they can play for hours with a tiny toy car... they have so much imagination

narrator said...

Your thoughts are so true. Children are great teachers. They will often surprise you with their developing knowledge and abilities. I enjoy taking my child to the park or on a walk through the neighborhood and let him point things out to me that I may not have noticed before. Or we will just sit and watch life go by and comment on our observations. In the last couple of weeks his outward showing of curiosity has really developed. He will point at something and ask "That?"

By the way, my son is also named Ethan and he turned two in November. What a coincidence! Thanks for the great post.

They call him James Ure said...


I understand exactly what you are saying. I was a frustrated child myself. I saw things in such a different way than the other kids around me. Often I felt more mature than the adults around me.


Yes, I love their imagination. They remind me of the fun and power of focusing on the moment.


That is so beautiful that you let him discover things and tell you about them. What a wonderful relationship you seem to have.

Seeing the world through a child's eyes is so enlightening. They are able to shift our consciousness and open up a whole new world that many of us have forgotten. No wonder children help us stay young at heart. :)

Coincidence indeed. I see a coincidences as flickers of the vast oneness that exists behind and within the facade of separateness that our society is asleep within.

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