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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Limitless Sky of Pure Being.

This journey that we find ourselves upon is like floating through the limitless sky. Sometimes it is blue as the bluest eyes as far as one can see and other times there are amazing sights to see such as rainbows but the sky behind them remains the same. other times it is cloudy blocking out the sun but the sun is always there, just above the clouds.

Sometimes it is black with little twinkling stars that shine at us as if especially for us but they do not belong to anyone or anything, they just are. Nor do they remain motionless although it may seem to our limited mind to be thus, they are in motion perhaps subtle motion in orbits but constantly changing position just as all things change. Our own planet twirls around in constant patterns much like ones mind follows habitual patterns. Even our giant galaxy is in flux.

Despite all this knowledge learned through science it is all empty of any inherent form or definition. In the final analysis, we really know only a tiny dust particle resting upon a pin head worth of information about the mysterious Universe. This information is nothing more than symbols that our limited minds use to try and explain our place in the Universe.

Yet try as hard as we might our place is forever in motion rotating other planets and galaxies that in turn rotate around us. We are constantly chasing the mysteries of the Universe that will always be a step ahead of our minds because mind can not perceive the totality of the vastness of Pure Being. It is like what the Native Americans say is, "Chasing the wind." It is nice to understand some of the physics of our Universe and I am indeed partly a man of science and appreciate Buddhisms embrace of science. However, sometimes science can become an obsession and an attachment to the ego that forever chases which often ends up frustrating us and creating despair and feelings of isolation.

Each moment we breath we are constantly arriving at a new present moment in this limitless sky of emptiness pregnant with beauty and joy. Sometimes we only see the dark clouds and turn around thinking that we can never make it through them. We perceive them as impenetrable obstacles that will surely crush us into a million pieces. However once we let go of our perceptions and begin to move toward them we realize that even the largest, darkest cloud (painful emotions, stress, etc.) can be penetrated and we emerge out the other side to continue on our journey. Yes passing through these clouds can be bumpy and scary at times but with a mind concentrated upon the true nature of that cloud we can realize right understanding. We can see that these clouds/obstacles are mostly made of nothing and can fade away into the limitless sky as quickly as they formed.

Perhaps some of these clouds knock us around enough that our bodies do break apart (cancer, heart attacks, etc.) and die but that is merely the end of the body, not the end of the Universe which our energy will always be apart of. We came from star dust and will return to star dust. Just like planets are born and die only to be reborn again somewhere else within the limitless Universe, so too then there is a good chance that we too will be reborn in one form or another.

Perhaps that will take the form of a gas that creates a new planet to sustain sentient beings or perhaps we will take the form of a rock, a mineral to benefits other sentient beings. Still too we could be reborn again as a sentient being living in some form not recognizable by humans off on a distant planet from Earth. The possibilities that exist within this great project of the Universe and beyond into the indescribable parinirvania are limitless.

Nothing to be or not be, this is the Self.

PHOTO CREDIT: "Light of the Dharma" by Anya Langmead. Her other works are brilliant and just as beautiful. I hope to buy a print one day. Check out the rest of her stunning work here.

~Peace to all beings~

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tinythinker said...

Amazing picture - really! And a good reminder of the folly of chasing certainty. It seems like both the rigid harcore among the "fundamentalists" on the religious and the rigid hardcore among the "new atheists" on the secular side seem to be fixated with the search for certainty. Even though each side claims to have room for doubt (either through faith or falsifiability), the objective, to know the one true real underlying answer (or at least to show that this answer is not what the other side claims it to be), remains.

G said...

Nice words, James.

The biggest phantom that causes our suffering is the illusory self, however. Buddhism teaches that all things are not-self (anatta), and inherently empty of any durable substance (shunyata). The idea or belief that one is a self is called 'sakkya-ditthi' in Pali, and is an object in consciousness. The vague feeling or conviction of being a self, that is only let go of with complete enlightenment, is called 'mana', or conceit. There is no self (or 'Self') outside of these two mental phenomena.

Meditating on this supposed self, it can be seen to be a delusion, the result of faulty identification by the mind with aspects of its own processes, along with the body. This isn't the result of philosophy or imagination - however beautiful - but he result of meditating with a still & wise mind.

I was with Anya Langmead until the last words: "Nothing to be or not be: this is the Self."

What "Self"?!

Ah well, another example of the imperfection of all created things, I guess!

Be well in the Buddhadharma,
G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

Anonymous said...

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They call him James Ure said...

Tiny Thinker:

I agree that some hardcore Atheists can be just as difficult to deal with as fundamentalists.


I wrote Self in the capital letter to represent the Higher Self meaning the Universal Self.

I was trying to convey the idea of vast, limitless Oneness with it but perhaps I chose the wrong word to do that.

tinythinker said...

Well, I think all the really uptight people from any rigid perspective or dogma (whether it had to do with religion or not) would be well-served by an extended visit to your blog and enjoying a lot of the wonderful images and peaceful thoughts you share.

Also, I agree that there is a difference between 'the self' as in the belief in an instrinsically existing individual in the historical dimension, 'the self' as in ephemeral manfestation of one's being through the occurence of the necessary conditions (but which has no intrinsic/separate reality), and 'Self', as in awareness of the vertical dimension (or ulimate reality) of which we are a part and which recognizes the totality manifested in each part of the whole. I don't see a problem with the latter two uses. The only thing more difficult than being attached to the idea of self is being attached to the idea of no-self :o)

G said...

Hi James.

Must admit I don't know what 'Universal Self' you're referring to. Do you mean the entire body of the universe, including the heavenly, hellish & psychological planes?

In Adviata Vedanta Hinduism, the 'Universal Self' indicates that element of the individual (or 'Atman') that is permanent & is one and the same as the Absolute Self ('Brahman'). Buddhism has neither, surely, as it is based on the experience that everything is anatta & empty?

As to atheism & theism, Buddhism isn't much concerned with either, as these are simply opinions to be clung to. The Buddha taught us to meditate upon our own self and see through it, then turn this 'eye of wisdom' on the universe and see if there's any durable self or 'Self' to be found anywhere else. Thus far, 'I' haven't found anything but the thought 'I' and the vague feeling of 'I'. Beyond these, there seems to be an unending abyss of emptiness, free of all personal biases and suffering. Completely letting go into this 'abyss' seems to be the challenge that the Buddha (& many of the so-called 'mystics' such as Meister Eckhart & Jalaladdin Rumi) sets before us.

May 'we' all see beyond 'we', and then there will truly be no barriers between 'us', just this wide-open void that lies at the heart of our delusional separate selves!

Be well in the Dharma,
G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

(Despite all this, James, the bulk of your original writing was most beautiful. Please don't take offense at my ramblings!)

They call him James Ure said...

Tiny Thinker:

Thank-you for your compliments. I agree with what you've said about the Higher Self.


I think a more suitable term for Buddhism would be the Buddha Nature.

Thank-you for your kind words. :)


G said...

James & "tinythinker":

If we can put aside our attachments (whether to the idea of a 'Self', 'self' or 'not-self'), what do we find here, right now? Do we find a 'Higher Self' (whatever that might be!), a self, or the absence of either?

Your previous comments, "tinythinker", rightly refer to attaching to ideas and concepts. But what remains when the way things are (Dharma/Dhamma) is observed in this moment with a calm, unattached mind?

Until we take the time to render the mind still, letting go of all assumptions & beliefs, the truth of this moment will remain veiled behind the delusion of selfhood (or the mere belief in 'non-selfhood'). Dissecting the self with the scalpel of insight will reveal that which lies behind the mind and body, which is, of course, ultimately beyond all our attempts to classify 'it'. Nevertheless, some descriptions of the way things are may turn out to be somewhat closer to the truth than others. Hopefully all of us can reflect on this and discover the truth for ourselves and share such insight with this suffering world!

Be well in the Dharma/Dhamma,
G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

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