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Monday, February 25, 2008


Peaceful be heaven, peaceful the earth, peaceful the broad space between. Peaceful for us be the running waters, peaceful the plants and herbs! Peaceful to us be the signs of the future, peaceful what is done and undone, peaceful to us be what is and what will be. May all to us be gracious!

-Atharva Veda 19.9

PHOTO: My wife took this picture in 2003. This lake is up in the tall mountains north of us here in Colorado where we backpack into. It's deep into the forests and high into the mountains. You usually don't see another human being for days up there but you see plenty of animals: Moose, deer, elk, coyote, birds/hawks/eagles/owls, fish, and some bears I've heard but I've never seen one. I have a special spot up there where I sit between dense pine trees and meditate listening to the wind flow through them creating a sound that is like hearing the trees whisper all together in unison. It's pure peace to be up there.

I haven't been up there in a few years because I have gained some weight from the medicine I take and because of those drugs I have a hard time keeping my weight down even when I exercise. This is because the pills act like a fat pill but they are necessary to keep me alive. It takes a lot of work getting up there as you have to carry 40 pound packs on your back with everything you would need to survive for a week. I do hope to return again someday soon.

I guess I say all of this to bring up the point that we can be anywhere we feel like being through meditation and mindfulness on pictures, memories and writings describing the atmosphere and energy of a place. As we know we are interconnected with all places so that like Thich Nhat Hanh says, wherever we are--that is home.

There is something else that I'd like to mention on this topic and that is feeling happy with where we currently find our bodies living. I tend to daydream about traveling to new and exotic places often and forget to see the wonder where I live currently. It is important for me to rediscover the great aspects of where I live. I have a home, live in a realitively stable country, live in a safe place in regards to crime and environmental disasters and get to enjoy slices of nature even in my urban location. There is a delightful, noble pine tree across the street that I can see out my front window as I'm typing. So whenever I gaze upon it mindfully I can easily see myself up at that special place in the mountains and the peace of that pristine land washes over me as if i was literally there at this moment.

I also have animal life right here out my window that I am honored to experience. Yes I don't get to see live moose walking around but I have a wonderful opportunity to watch the little birds eatting at our bird feeder, listen to their joyful songs and watch their adorable antics. I also get to watch the squirrel who comes daily to eat the peanut and hazelnuts that I leave out for him every morning. Squirrels are so cute, full of life and I love to watch how playful they are, watching them flick their bushy tails and jump from tree branch to tree branch. Yes I live in a great place. I do enjoy visiting new places and feeling the greatness of them but I truly am home where ever I find myself.

~Peace to all beings~

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Anonymous said...

It is true that existence is infinite and that any portion of infinity is in itself infinite, so that any moment we live we can live for eternity. I am fortunate to live near the Rocky Mountain range and just recently a young bull moose was found wandering a block from my house..he was running around a park near a very busy street. He was unhurt as wildlife officials came and took him to a safe place, but it reminded me that we all live together in the same plane of existence and must look out for and protect each other, no matter our species. We are truly our brothers keeper and a part of the WHOLE of nature. I wish all blessings to all beings.


Riverwolf said...

James, thanks for sharing the beautiful, inspiring photo as well as your thoughts on finding contentment in the present moment. I completely identify!

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They call him James Ure said...


It is true that existence is infinite and that any portion of infinity is in itself infinite, so that any moment we live we can live for eternity.

Well said.

Moose are so wonderful. They aren't afraid of people for the most part that I have found. They know that they are bigger than we are and stand their ground.

Although the moose that I have seen up in the mountains above Poudre canyon Colorado are protected so maybe that is why I've always seen such calm ones.

It is so beautiful to share the land with them up there. One year we even saw a momma with two babies and she kept her distance but she still felt somewhat comfortable with us because we were never too far apart. Any time we saw them they were still very clear within our vision.

It was fun to see the young calves playing in the lake where we were camped.


You're quite welcome friend. I know we both share that bliss with nature. It's so good for one's mind.


I wish that I could help more but my theme was put into place by a friend. So I don't know too much about that issue. Sorry. :(

katherine micaela said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's peace what i am looking for. It's very hard for me right now. My soul and heart very troubled right now. I want to feel peace like when i am in the spa. The sweet and very relaxing tune is what i wanted.

peace peace peace, where art thou!

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