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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rising Corn Prices and Bio-Fuel.

The effort to turn corn into fuel (ethanol) is being criticized now because of the rising food prices. However, some of the biggest cost increases are for meat products because farm animals to be used for food are fed mostly corn. So there is another way to look at this, if more and more people turn toward vegetable based diets then we wouldn't have massive animal feed lots that require huge amounts of corn.

So by being a vegetarian or vegan we help the environment in big ways and doing so also allows us to continue increasing production of bio-fuels without raising the price of food too drastically. How? It would free up ranch land to be used to grow more wheat, rice and soy to further offset the price of corn. Switching that ranch land from raising animals for food to growing crops would also help the food shortage world wide as we'd have a surplus of grains that could be shipped to areas who desperately need it.

Just raising something to think about.

~Peace to all beings~

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Adam said...

Excellent point :)

sunnyray meditations said...

By giving up consuming meat not only do we help keeping the food prices low, as you explain in this excellent article, but we also greatly increase the purity of our bodies and our minds. Not to mention the moral aspects involved in the whole business of meat production.

They call him James Ure said...

Adam: Thanks brother!!

Sunnyray_meditations: Thanks for adding these other benefits.

Sven said...

Good Job!: )

Enirehtac said...

Just a quick question but you don't have to answer. What about the use of palm oil in bio fuels because it's becoming a huge problem? Also the use of palm oil in cosmetics such as lipstick and in breads, pastries and other non-meat products? Borneo is deteriorating fast because of palm oil plantations and orang-utans and other wildlife are dwindling. I understand whole heartedly your point in this post but there are other animals suffering because of bio fuels. The next step is to make palm oil illegal. 50% of what we eat have palm oil in it. If you've talked about this before, sorry.

On a positive note, I really enjoy your blog, it is such an inspiration! :)

They call him James Ure said...

@Enirehtac...If palm oil is becoming that big of a problem then I'm all for banning it. Thank-you for the comments on the blog. :)

Kentbiofuel said...


Bio Fuels must be sustainable...

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