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Monday, June 23, 2008

Spontaneous Acquiescence.

The right attitude for studying the way is just complete spontaneous acquiescence. Who cares whether it takes twenty or thirty years; you'll be naturally at peace, without the slightest bit of doubt or confusion. How can there be any obstruction again after spontaneous acquiescence? How can anyone arrive by way of externals?


James: We make things so difficult for ourselves don't we? We can't seem to accept that liberation is easier than we think.

~Peace to all beings~

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PeterAtLarge said...

Yes. It's just so hard to be open to that spontaneity.

G said...

Perhaps it will help if we see who (or what) is having these thoughts of 'difficult' & 'easy'? Funny thing is, James, is that if we really look deeply there's no one found here to acquiesce...

Be well in the Dharma,
G at 'Buddha Space'.

Anonymous said...

great post. I found another great Buddhist Blog here -

Anonymous said...

And another at

Ginger said...

i agree james...i often find myself making things difficult for myself through my lack of surrender...surrender to the natural order and my higher good.

i usually end up tracking this back to my need for control ~ and the need for control goes back to lack of trust. trust in the fact that i'm always okay no matter what.

this is a good reminder james, thank you for the post.

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