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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Revealing James Ure. Plus, "Buddha's Warriors."

For those wondering what I look like I've decided to reveal myself a bit more than I have before:

(Profile shot wearing my favorite hat, it's called a newsboy or cabby hat):(Relaxing in my Rockies baseball jersey):
(Here I am trying to look cool in a pair of sunglasses):(Here I am in front of our camping/backpacking tent):(These next two pictures are of me before I gained weight from my medications):
American cable news network is going to air a documentary titled, "Buddha's Warriors:"The program will be on t.v. this Saturday and Sunday 8 and 11pm eastern standard time here in the U.S. It will cover the following issues amongst others:

-Dalai Lama challenged by new generation of of Buddhist activists.

-Amanpour investigates split between Dalai Lama and his unruly flock.

-Buddhist monks risk arrest to march from India to Tibet.

-Inside the secretive world of Burma.

~Peace to all beings~

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delusional said...

There might be a few negative things about where I'm from............


They call him James Ure said...


Right on!! Thanks for giving us "Big Daddy." He's one hell of a great baseball player as is Tulowitzki.

delusional said...

I like the tent photo.

I can almost trace the source of my spiritual change to a trip / hike in the cascade mountains in Washington State.

Oh the wonder of nature! and especially the milky way at 10000 feet elevation at about 2am. life changing, thats for sure.

They call him James Ure said...


I so agree with you about nature. I grew up in mountains and the pristine wild where I could inter-relate with wild animals like moose, deer, elk, coyotes, raccoons, etc.

For me nature is very spiritual. I always feel such a strong loving, accepting spiritual energy in the mountains. There is nothing like meditating up there for me. So peaceful and the ease of feeling "Oneness" up there is awesome.

The place where we go backpacking is way up at about the same height, 11,000 ft. At that height we live with a moose extended family and since they are protected in that area (Yey!!) they don't fear us and we just live harmoniously with them while we're up there.

And you can't beat looking at the milky way at that height as you say. I love nature and feel almost "spiritually sick" if I don't get a regular "fix." Does that sound weird? Oh well, I'm use to being weird and now I just embrace it.

delusional said...

Im just glad someone knows what the hell I'm talking about for once.


Greenwoman said...

A gotee suits you James. You are a good looking man at either weight. Blessings and Namaste Beloved Other Self. *smiles*

They call him James Ure said...


I know exactly what you're talking about. :)


Awww thanks!!!

Marie Roshi said...

I agree with greenwoman. The goatee is definately cute. I often think people get too wrapped up in what they look like, especially in this country.

They call him James Ure said...

Thank-you Marie. That's very nice. You got me blushing. :)

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