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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chimpanzee Helps Raise Baby Tiger Cubs.

Animals are often seen as dumb and beneath human beings in many societies and religions. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions believe that animals are here for man's benefit--man's greed in my opinion. There are many cases of animals saving human beings from a burning house, get help when lost and even cases of them being able to dial the phone for help such as if the owner has a seizure of heart attack!! There are many who think they are incapable of emotions such as love, compassion and concern but there have been numerous cases of the opposite. These animals may not know that they are experiencing emotions but their actions show that they clearly are motivated by some level of emotional motivation. Well animals are also capable and willing to help other animals too. Take the case of the chimpanzee Anjana who has adopted two white tiger cubs as her own when their mother rejected them. She is an expert it seems at these things as she has previously helped raise leopards and lions.“She gives them a bottle and lies with them — she is a great assistant.” The cubs have become almost inseparable from their new motherly figures. She has a close contact and bond and gives them a nurturing.'

: I wouldn't be surprised if Anjana is reborn as a human being in her next life with her kind, caring, compassionate, loving and nurturing essence. She is already practicing the Dharma. I'm sure that she will be a wonderful human being if she gets that chance. May she be a good example for us humans to keep practicing the Dharma to make the most of this human life.

~Peace to all beings~

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Dhamma81 said...

I enjoy these animal stories. I'm especially fond of Elephants myself. there are a lot of very interesting stories of animals and how they are far more compassionate and thoughtful then some folks give them credit for.

It's stuff like this that strengthens my resolve to never support animal testing for any purpose whtsoever. Thanks for the story.

Pete Hoge said...

cool blog.

lots of information!!!

I bow.


They call him James Ure said...


Me too. Elephants are one of my favorites too. They are so smart and I was touched to learn that they return to the site of the death of a member of the herd. They even touch the bones and hold them in their trunks.

Yep, animal testing is something that I'm really against. I wish though that I had more money to afford products that aren't tested on animals. We do mostly but not everything--again because of money. I hate money LOL.

Pete: Thanks!! I'm glad you're finding it helpful.

Linda Sama said...


Douglas Dobbins said...

Hello James. I recently found your blog, as I am searching for a good Buddhist blog to read. I am a Christian, however, which I hope will not prohibit me from contaminating the comments section :).

I was wondering if you knew that not all Christians believe that the only benefit animals have is to serve the good of human beings. Actually, according to Paul, in Romans 8, the captivity which Israel was in under Rome and before that Babylon and Egypt, were not the only captivities, or even the ultimate captivities in the Biblical story. Even human captivity to sin, according to Paul is not the ultimate captivity.

Rather, the whole of the Cosmos is in "the bondage of decay." This does not mean, for Paul, that creation is not good, only that the full goodness for which the created order exists, was, in many ways, falling short of God's purposes.

The problem for us as Christians is that, all to commonly, when reading Paul, we have thought that his writing on creation was simply an appendage, kind of the foam on the top of the drink. But in reality it is the great crescendo in the song, where Paul explodes into the highest purposes for the Gospel, namely God's purposes, in raising Jesus from the dead, to bring new life to the whole of the cosmos, setting it free from the bondage of decay and bringing every particle, whether in heaven or earth, together in Jesus Christ.

Take care James. Grace and Peace. - Doug

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

...some good teachings for the human beings to learn the good values from animals...& also to stop killings of innocent animals too.

They call him James Ure said...


I am more than happy to see and listen to Christians here as long as everyone is respectful. I didn't mean to imply that all Christians believe that animals are here purely for humans.

My parents are some of the most wonderful people I know and they don't believe that animals are here purely for us. I'm sorry if the post came off that way.

Bar said...

Beautiful story! Only one thing seemed strange to me: "The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions believe"...

Are you sure?

All Jews, Christians and Muslims? All thinkers, leaders and practitioners? I think that with some openness and looking deeply you may find much more variety and inspiration in the religions of our Jewish, Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters.

They call him James Ure said...


I mentioned in the comments above yours that I agree that not all Jews, Christians and Muslims feel that way about animals. I shouldn't have made such a blanket statement.

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