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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Zen Diamond Company.

Zen Diamond, the largest manufacturer of diamond jewelry in Europe and the No. 1 exporter of precious stones in Turkey, has plans to enhance efficiency and boost productivity during the global economic slowdown, a top company executive has said.

James: Because nothing says materialism like Zen!! And nothing could be further from the teachings of Zen than using the advertising tag line, "Diamonds are Forever" as we all know that nothing is forever. In the end Zen is just a word and I'm not going to let anger and other unskillful feelings arise because of a word.

Still you'd
never see the Jesus Diamond company or Christ Wine. Maybe they could put a copy of the Diamond Sutra in with each diamond product. That might even things up with the consumerism/materialism message of the diamonds.

~Peace to all beings~

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kseistrup said...

Close, but no cigar: John Christ Winery. :)

They call him James Ure said...

At least it's not Jesus Christ wine.

Pete Hoge said...


lets crush the word "zen"
underneath tons of earth so
it turns into a diamond.


Pema Lodrön said...

I've already got a diamond, a vajrayanna diamond. Even this won't last forever. I've got to find a vajra (diamond) mind. This will last forever.

They call him James Ure said...


Great haiku. Very creative!!


Yep, nothing lasts forever--even Buddhism!!

L.B. said...

Or 'Satan Charcoal' and 'Yahweh Hams'. Yeesh.

They call him James Ure said...


Or, "Muhammad Hams" since they can't eat meat from a pig.

Carla said...

There are lots of companies called Zen. I wonder why.

They call him James Ure said...


I think people think "Zen" means "cool." It's a fad thing I think. I also think that some think "Zen" = pleasure/fulfilled desires.

This is I think because Zen can help bring about peace. And people often confuse peace with pleasure/fulfilled desires.

ncordova said...

James, just making my rounds again. So good to see you here still, and sporting that totally elegant goatee! All the best to you James!


anonymous said...

Concerning the suppliers of these bloodrocks, currently expressing their cultural values:

Dumber than plankton,
they make the nazis look cool.
Same old fascist juice.

anonymous said...

Superstition fed,
promised, mental illness kin.
Thieving, choose to, zen.

Anonymous said...

How about Abra Hams? Made from finest Kosher pigs.

nash said...

Dear James,

Just wanna wish you a very happy new year! :-)

May you be happy, peaceful, and free from suffering,

Nash, your friend in Bangkok, Thailand

Robin said...

The year 2008 is gone but it makes us strong.
The path was long, but we walked with a song.
There were fears and tears but we had reasons for cheers.
Wishing u happy memories of 2008and a healthy and blissful new year.

With Gratitude and Loving Kindness,

TakeAction! said...

Your blog is heart warming.

Thank you,

They call him James Ure said...

Thanks Nacho. I am indeed still here and am loving blogging here more than ever. Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well with you.


Yeah I find it completely puzzling as to why everyone wants a diamond, which is just a stone in the end.


Abra Hams. Nice pun. :)


Happy New Year to you as well and I extend the same wishes your way. I hope 2009 finds me somehow able to visit Thailand. I sooo want to go.


Well said. All the best for 2009.


Thank-you. :)

Riverwolf, said...

I saw a crystal cross pendant advertised on TV the other day. If you look through the central stone, you can read the 23rd Psalm. Supposedly this feature would make you realize that God is always with you--unlike simply memorizing the psalm and sending that money you spent on the crystal cross to those in need.

But I digress...

Zen said...


Well no one says Chan Diamonds or I'd be pissed, and show them my Buddha Palm fist Kung Fu :-)

Modern Girl said...

What about Heavenly Hash ice cream? My Mom just bought some today and it got me thinking...

They call him James Ure said...


Yeah I kind of feel uneasy with some of the Buddhists structures that use so much gold. That is money that could be used to help others.


Ha!! Kung Fu is something I've wanted to try and learn someday.

Modern Girl:

HEAVENLY HASH!!! I use to love that ice cream. I didn't know that they still made it. Mmmm, ice cream.

Ted Bagley said...

If you replace the "Zen" in the company name, though, with "No" then it's quite the joke on the target market without trying to, I'm sure.

Vern said...

Zen jewelry - yes, very funny to me here in Thailand same!

Thank you for sharing your Buddhism jewellry for me. In Thailand I don't have a diamond jewelry - Thai people don't believe it's so special. I have some gold pendants jewelry at my small pendant shop here in Thailand - but, nothing same you show on photos with dimonds! Thank you to kindly for sharing it for me and my husband! :) Joy

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