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Monday, January 05, 2009

"The Story of India."

Starting tonight the American Public Broadcast Service channel will begin airing a six part series on the 10,000 year old history of India titled, "The Story of India." The series originally aired on the BBC in 2007. The first episode covers the ancient origins of the Indian civilization while the second one is about the revolutionary years after 500 B.C., which includes the "Age of the Buddha."

I have long been fascinated with India and not just because of the Buddhist connection. I have always seen India as one of the cradles of civilization. So my interest is also motivated from having a university degree in history and a minor degree in world geography. It is a country that seems so rich in culture and that appeals to me coming from a country (America), which is quite culturally barren.

Visiting India is the number 1 thing that I want to do before I die--mostly the Buddhist holy sites as I will most likely have limited time and money. That said if I had the means I would love to visit as much of the country as possible. Speaking of visiting India, I'd love to meet some of my Indian readers some day should I make it to your wonderful country. Maybe you could show me around Bodh Gaya and others places.

I'll be watching the whole, "The Story of India" series and probably do some posts regarding them--especially the "Age of Buddha" segments. Anyway, I wanted to do a little post about the series in case anyone else would be interested in catching the series.

~Peace to all beings~

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EdaMommy said...

Woot! Thanks for this - and thank goodness for DVRs, as I don't foresee being able to watch these as they actually air! I very much look forward to it, though. (LOL - guess what "social science" my degree is in?! ^_^)

anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if they include the Aryan invasion crap, which did not happen, but is simply the Christian version of history in India.

As this ludicrous idea became the standard in school textbooks, thanks to the Raj (Brits in India), most Indians of the present day also believe it.

Tim said...

I've seen this advertised for channels that I do not receive. I do hope to watch it too when it comes my way. My B-n-Law is Indian and was raised Hindu. He is now a Fundy Christian.

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

Visiting India is the number 1 thing that I want to do before I die--
Certainly !! You are most welcome in the land of Buddha !!!

Brian McIntyre said...

Hello James, nice post. I love India and have been going there every other year and next year will begin an every year visit :)
People ask me about India all the time and I look at them and say "Imagine where you live now (implying this to Westerners living in the West) and India is the polar opposite...on all levels from standing in line (if you can call it a line) to do anything from banking to getting into the movies, from trying to jump of jam packed commuter trains in Mumbai, to sharing the labour in trying to pump water from a well so that you can wash your hands or clothes"
The most powerful thing about India is the scientific fact that sound resonates in the body and that prayer and mantra have the ability to heal and elevate ones India the practice of prayer is daily (multiple times) and EVERYONE is praying to their chosen deity, through these prayers the land awakens and you can feel the soul of the world permeate through your feet...I love walking barefoot in India for this very real occurence. You can FEEL there and your awareness is hightened because of so many "other wordly" moments...baba's playing instruments on the Ganga, a fruit stand blessing their stall with dhoop (a kind of incense) before opening, kids running around with hardly anything on oblivious to any lack of income or poor condition.
Life moves in other worldly ways in India and I often tell people that India is a different planet unto itself!
Om Shanti!

Dhamma81 said...

I'll be watching for the Age of Buddha Segment. Thanks for the heads up James, and Happy New Year even though it's already the 6th. Be well now.

admin said...

good job!

The Guru said...

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Paul said...

Hi James, I am definitely going to check this out. Will have to see if we have it showing up here in the Great White North.

Don't know if you ever saw it but a few years ago (I think it was around 2002) the BBC made a great documentary called Life Of The Buddha. You can torrent a good version if you google it but someone has uploaded the full thing in Youtube (50mins). Here is the link to Youtube.

They call him James Ure said...


History? Geography?


It will be interesting to see how they angle it. Hopefully they will try to remain fairly neutral and only loyal to the truth.


I always wonder how people can go from a very open and tolerant faith to one of fundamentalism.


Wonderful!! I'm so excited!!


Wanna take me with you next time?? I won't take up much space or resources. :)


You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year to you as well!!


I saw that and thoroughly enjoyed it and have seen it a second time. I should look to see if I can buy the DVD to have one hand.

Paul said...

I have it downloaded and made up a DVD of it.

EdaMommy said...

(Anthropology) ^_^

Brian said...

No problem, you are welcome anytime. I spend most of my time in Bodhgaya or just north of Mumbai. You are always welcome in Bodhgaya and can stay at my friends house or stay with me when I am doesn't cost a lot, you just have to get the plane ticket :) I could always take you on your dream tour of Buddha's would take about a month and rough going so you have to have the stamina and stomach for it :)

Michael said...

I found it interesting that Michael Wood described Buddhism as a protest religion and said that it is basically atheistic. Ravi Zacharias, who was born and raised in India, later became a Christ follower and apologist for the Christian faith. He describes Buddhism the same way. He thinks that one of the reasons for its current popularity is that "you can be good without God". So it still seems to be a protest religion. We humans want even our spirituality on our own terms.

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