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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Green Haiku.

winter sun bathes plants
green light glows through hungry leaves
flowering smiles

By James R. Ure

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StatMama said...

Beautiful! I love a good Haiku, and there's something about the beauty found in nature - a simplicity and a complexity all at once.

Ted Bagley said...

What the poem says to me-
"When times are hard some still survive so others can look pretty."

Reino Ruusu said...

A beatiful poem.

For those who did not realize, the image above it is of a genetically modified plant that has a bacterial gene for making it glow in the dark. (Not so fitting with the idea of winter sun.)

It is a beautiful plant, quite as unique as any other living being on earth.

Gururaj said...

Really nice Haiku about green plants
haiku graphics

They call him James Ure said...


Thank-you, I like a good Haiku as well. They really evoke so much in so few words. As for nature, well I see nature as the most sacred temples.


Yes, even in winter life survives and evokes joy.

Reino Ruusu:

Thank-you. Yeah I chose the picture not so much for the winter sun but more for the part describing a glowing plant.

It sure is beautiful as you said. It is a tobacco plant, which goes to show that even intoxicating plants have their beauty.


Thanks!! I love everything green. It's my favorite color.

Ted Bagley said...

I see pretty clearly a criticism of human social relations in the poem that continues with the description afterwards whether that was the intent or not, I can't say. Making something hard to talk about sound pretty makes it easier to swallow, for sure.

anonymous said...

The Law of Karma,
White Bishop Takes Black Queen, check!
Just you wait and see.

A political event, yet to unfold, but already written. Who do you think is the Black Queen?

Ted Bagley said...

I like that.

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