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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Many People, Many Paths, One Dharma.

As skillful means we can employ whatever is useful, whatever is truly helpful. For each of us at different times, different traditions, philosophical constructs, and methods may serve us, either because of temperament, background, or capacities. For some, the language of emptiness may be as dry as the desert, while for others it may reveal the heart-essence of liberation.

Some may quickly recognize the nature of awareness itself, while others emphasize the letting go of those mind states that obscure it. Some may find that the path of devotion truly empties the self, but for others this way may simply act as a cloud of self-delusion. We each need great honesty of introspection and wise guidance from teachers to find our own skillful path.

-Joseph Goldstein, from One Dharma (HarperOne)

James: We are all apart of the same wheel (Dharma Wheel) but represent different parts based on our karma. Some are spokes, some are apart of the hub and still others are the rim. The same is true of the skillful means mentioned above being emptiness, awareness, letting go of those mind states and devotion. All are intigral parts of the Dharma Wheel. In my opinion, the same can be said for the different Buddhist schools, which people follow often based on karma, tradition, culture, education and philosophy--amongst other reasons.


~Peace to all beings~

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NellaLou said...

I agree with this. I was just making a comment on another blog (mine) today about Ekayana ideas-the one vehicle. That is something I've recently started to take an interest in after encountering Zen, Pure Land and now Tibetan Buddhism. Some of my encounters were in an academic capacity but I am beginning to see the unity of the schools rather than the separations due to form. It's an interesting approach

reymiland said...

How appropriate that the center of the wheel is empty. I think that that is the part of the wheel that I would be a part of, the center nothingness of it all.


Uku said...

Great post! Indeed we have many paths to one reality.


They call him James Ure said...


The one vehicle idea I think in the end is the Dharma itself. It's cliche but indeed we have more in common than not.


I forgot to add the empty center of the wheel. Thank-you for pointing that out. That despite being different parts of the whole it is also all empty of inherent existence.

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