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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Tank Man. Has Anything Changed Since?

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Let us remember the Tiananmen Massacre and honor the memory of the victims. Freedom, peace and redemption will triumph one day for China. I remember the '89 revolution very well and especially tank man. It has me thinking on this 20th anniversary of my own inner tank man, which is my Buddha nature that stands up to the oppressive power of greed, hatred and delusion. May we all reconnect with our inner tank man.

If tank man can stand up to the overwhelming power of the Chinese authoritarian regime then it gives me hope that I can overcome the things that prevent me from realizing less suffering. First and foremost of course he stands for personal freedoms for China but the lasting power of his example is that the message is universal. It tells me that we are much stronger than we realize and is a powerfully motivating reminder that yes, indeed I will realize liberation because the potential is there and I need that reminder to keep me motivated.

~Peace to all beings~

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Jeremy said...

very nice post. thanks for sharing!

Dhamma81 said...


The lesson we are learning in China is the same lesson we have learned in other communist countries, the human heart longs for freedom and can't be held into submission even at the threat of death.

Communism, while springing from seemingly good intentions, has never done anything more then set up a godless hell on earth for anyone it has ever touched.

Change takes time and I see China moving in the right direction. I will be glad to see as a new generation of Chinese reclaim the freedom and the spiritual life that was kept in chains under communism for so long. Perhaps the causaul chain was set in motion back on Tiananmen Square back in 89.

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