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Friday, January 29, 2010

Haircuts: Now with ZEN!!

Being Friday I decided to post something a little light-hearted. Every week or so I scan through the news stories via Google News on Buddhism and Zen. Well, the other day I came across an advertisement for a beauty salon in Dubai called, "Zen Beauty Lounge."

I had to giggle a bit because the idea of primping and dying hair isn't exactly the image I think of when I think, "Zen." When I think, "Zen" and "hair" I think of bald monks!! I doubt all the ladies going to this salon in Dubai would want to truly experience a "Zen haircut!!"

~Peace to all beings~


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Buddhist_philosopher said...

At least this guy is using electric trimmers - I've seen in many movies the use of a hand-sharpened razor blade and cold water. Now THAT's Zen.

Mushinronsha said...

According to Thanissaro Bhikkhu in his comments about personal grooming in the Khandhakas, using electric clippers may not be allowed. It just goes to show that sometimes religion gets in the way of religious practice. It all gets a little silly really:

"Unless ill — e.g., he has a sore on his head — a bhikkhu may not use scissors to cut his hair or have it cut. The question of using electric razors to shave the head is a controversial one. Because their cutting action — even in rotary shavers — is like that of scissors, many Communities will not allow their use in shaving the head."
- Buddhist Monastic Code II by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

silentdebate said...

I gotta say that rule sounds pretty silly. Nonetheless, it seems to me that a haircut place is named 'Zen' because Zen is 'trendy.' Of course, I don't think this is true Zen, but the idea of peace, serenity, and all that. Gotta love westernized, commercial nations making spirituality into a product to sell and profit from.

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