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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oprah Interviews Thich Nhat Hanh.

American talk show icon, Oprah has recently interviewed Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The whole interview is great but I especially liked this quote:

Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive—that you can touch the miracle of being alive—then that is a kind of enlightenment. Many people are alive but don't touch the miracle of being alive.

James: If you want to read the rest of this interview (and I recommend it) then just click on this sentence.


~Peace to all beings~

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Sproglet said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this, it's fantastic

Amaro said...

You'd better practice diligently before you can "touch" any "miracle"! Cute soundbite, but enlightenment is not about soundbites.

They call him James Ure said...


You're welcome. I highly enjoyed it.


Why do you assume that we all aren't practicing diligently? Are you? No one is saying that enlightenment can simply be realized in reading this quote.

Why do you always have to assume everyone but you is a Dharma idiot? It's not nice. I'm sorry if you think you're the expert but I'm still going to listen to TNH instead.

I may not know everything but you don't seem to know how to be humble and talk to others in a non-patronizing way.

Amaro said...

Hmmm, upset, aren't you? Where is the cute miracle?

Julie said...

actually, maybe all the buddhist cliches are actually quite true and correct. we hear them all the time and they lose their meaning with every tom dick and harry saying them, but they're still quite true and potent when you really think about them.
as I grow more quiet and in tune I hear the cliches and feel much more respect for the depth of the meaning of each one.
and James,thanks for letting us know about this get together between thay and oprah. I look forward to reading the transcript.

They call him James Ure said...


Of course I'm upset. You came on here and talked down to me and my friends like we're children and then you wonder why I get upset??? That's like insulting someone and then blaming them for getting mad at you for it!! It doesn't work that way. You can't poke someone in the eye and then get defensive when they return the favor.

You don't even have a profile to your name.

It's easy to come onto someone's blog as an anonymous person and spout off about how everyone else is "doing it wrong." Try constructive criticism next time.

I frankly don't care if takes me a million more life times to realize enlightenment but I'm not going to be belittled by an anonymous jerk on my own blog. Take your "holier-than-thou" attitude to some other blog. We're simple people on here who are trying our best and if you can't be constructive with your opinions then kindly move on.


Thanks, yeah I don't mind cliche because if they work for someone then so be it. What works for one might not work for another. That's why (in my own opinion) there are the many sects of Buddhism.

Amaro said...

During the Oprah interview, Thây said, "Deep listening helps us to recognize the existence of wrong perceptions in the other person and wrong perceptions in us. The other person has wrong perceptions about himself and about us. And we have wrong perceptions about ourselves and the other person. And that is the foundation for violence and conflict and war. ... Both sides are motivated by fear, by anger, and by wrong perception. But wrong perceptions ... should be removed by deep listening, compassionate listening, and loving space." Wonderful, huh? Deep listening, compassionate listening, my friend. Practice would not be transformational if everyone around you was always nice and sweet.

ZenWoman said...

Do you know when it will air? Thank you for the information! I just ignore the ignorant.

They call him James Ure said...

Zen Woman:

Thanks!! I'm not sure when or if it will air. I think it might be just for her magazine, "O."

Jeremy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy said...

Buddhism is such a great philosophy, it's a shame the west (as a whole) is so ignorant of its principles.
The Atheist Perspective

Tom Armstrong said...

An excellent interview. Thanks for alerting me to it: I twittered about it and put up a blogpost re it.

I'm not usually an Oprah fan, but at her best she is very very very good, as is TNH, always.

Tom Armstrong said...

BTW, I especially liked these words of TNH:

"Yes. We should be able to say this: 'Dear friends, dear people, I know that you suffer. I have not understood enough of your difficulties and suffering. It's not our intention to make you suffer more. It is the opposite. We don't want you to suffer. But we don't know what to do and we might do the wrong thing if you don't help us to understand. So please tell us about your difficulties. I'm eager to learn, to understand.' We have to have loving speech. And if we are honest, if we are true, they will open their hearts. Then we practice compassionate listening, and we can learn so much about our own perception and their perception. Only after that can we help remove wrong perception. That is the best way, the only way, to remove terrorism."

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