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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits Burma.

Every minute of every day, while we sit in the relative comfort of our homes, Buddhist monks in Burma are being tortured in prisons. And when they aren't being beaten, they are huddled in dirty, dark and disease ridden cells. All this they endure because they wouldn't sit by and watch the people of Burma be treated like garbage by the dictatorial regime. Their courage was driven, in part, by the deep compassion developed from practicing the Dharma. They are the conscience of the world standing up and saying, "enough!!"

The monks have gotten the most attention in the international news, but a lesser known campaign of ethnic cleansing is occurring in remote, ethnic areas. The remoteness of some of these regions is a curse for some ethnic minorities because less people know they are even there, let alone being killed, tortured and raped. If revered monks in Burma aren't treated well, then no one is safe. But, thanks to concerned citizens around the world, attention continues to grow about the plight of Burma (Myanmar).

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is currently visiting Burma, so it is vital that we keep up the pressure to be the voice of the voiceless in a country with a proud, Buddhist tradition. Please, take a few minutes and send an email to Secretary Clinton's blog about your support for Burma, it's people and their revered monks (click on this sentence to be redirect to her page). You might not feel that one person's email can make a difference but I have been involved in the Burma issue for several years now and I've seen a change.

At first, most people had no idea where Burma or Myanmar was on the globe, and the U.S. government showed little interest in the affairs in the Southeast Asian country. Today, after years of awareness and relentless calls for action, one of America's highest ranking leaders is in Burma to spread the message of concerned citizens to the military dictatorship, loud and clear. So, please, let your conscience be heard!! Click on this sentence to reach the secretary's email form and thank her for her action. Let her know that you are following the issue and urge her to keep up the pressure!! We would all hope our fellow humans would do the same for us if we were in a time of need, so let us stand up for our brothers and sisters in Burma

~I bow to the Buddha within all things~

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RealityZone said...

Her visit has nothing to do with civil rights, or the plight of Buddhists in Burma.
It is all about China.
It is about containment, and the encroachment of China.
The U.S. wants to show that it will keep a boot print in the Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
It is about the chokepoints for natural resources.
Hillary is on a geopolitical assignment.
Not a humanitarian assignment.

silver jewelry wholesalers said...

hope the visit will be awesome...

S.Emerald said...

I had no idea that there was strife in Burma. Are they still doing "Free Tibet"?

Also, I wish people would have reacted allot sooner, like
when this started to occur. Then, maybe it could have been resolved quicker....

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