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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Historic Buddhist Statues Destroyed in Maldives by Extremists. Why?

(PHOTO CREDIT: "Light of Buddha" by Loster20 for Free Digital

Similar to the Afghan Islamic Taliban’s destruction of the priceless Buddhist and other historic artifacts in 2001, an Islamic Extremist group has vandalized and destroyed precious Buddhist and Hindu statues in the Maldives which can never be made the same again to preserve the history. 

JAMES: This kind of destruction is derived from extremist beliefs, which are almost always rooted in fear of anything different. Any extreme, (whether liberal, conservative or religious) is dangerous because when you believe that you alone are good, and anything not like you is bad, then you're more likely to justify intolerance, destruction and death. The really sad aspect of this story is how anybody can be so consumed with fear and hatred that they feel the need to lash out in such a way.

A person that rotted with rage can not help but be miserable. Deep down inside, in their private moments of reflection, they must be suffering deeply. It's tragic that they can't see that they don't have to live this way to feel happy. Destroying an ancient statue is tragic, but statues crumble with time anyway. Yet hatred never ceases in its ability to destroy happiness, lives, families, countries and whole planets.

~I bow to the Buddha within all beings~

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