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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dalai Lama: Talks Same Sex Marriage, China, & The New Pope | "Larry King Now" on Ora TV and Hulu.

The Dalai Lama made a rare appearance on U.S. television appearing on the "Larry King Now" show. Larry King was able to get to a lot of great topics not usually discussed with the Dalai Lama. I've selected a few highlights to share: 

The entire episode will be available on Ora TV and Hulu, March 10th.

Social:#LarryKingNow @KingsThings. All clips can be found at the "Larry King Now" Ora TV website:

The Dalai Lama on Same-Sex Marriage:

The Buddhist Spiritual Leader on a Female Dalai Lama:
I encourage you to go online March 10th at to watch the full "Larry King Now" show to see other great insights with His Holiness. Namaste! 
~i bow to the Buddha in all beings~

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